Western College Hockey Profiles Jason Zucker

Incoming DU Freshman Jason Zucker's hockey career is examined in detail by Western College Hockey Blog today. Check it out.


Anonymous said...

Very excited to have this kid coming to DU. After the past couple of years it seems that every review and everything that he has done has gotten better and better.

His strength as a two-way player seems to be a constant theme. He's gonna do excellent in college. Reminds me of Bozak. Having a guy who can score and bang bodies is invaluable.

Anonymous said...

Zucker will make the all-rookie team. You can write that down.

dggoddard said...

I've been comparing Bennett to Bozak based on similar stats in the BCHL, but its fair to say that Zucker's all-round game might be a better comparison.

Maybe DU needs to stick the Goal Czar on Zucker's line to get the goal scoring production back to Salazar's Freshman year.

puck swami said...

From what I've heard on Zucker, his 'compete level/effort/hustle' is even higher than Bozak's was, but he's not quite not at Bozak's level on footspeed or precision passing/shooting.

Can't wait to see him at DU.