Wisconsin Hockey Player Punches Party Guests

(left) A day after signing a 3-year contract with the Detroit Red Wings, University of Wisconsin defenseman Brendan Smith was charged with disorderly conduct

From: Wisconsin State Journal

Former Wisconsin Badgers hockey player Brendan Smith, who signed a three-year contract with the National Hockey League’s Detroit Red Wings this week, was charged Friday with disorderly conduct for a fight outside a Downtown house party earlier this month.

Smith, 21, a defenseman who was a nominee for college hockey’s Hobey Baker Award, repeatedly punched a man who had tried to get into the party around 2 a.m. on May 6, according to a criminal complaint filed in Dane County Circuit Court.

Smith is scheduled to appear in court on June 1. Disorderly conduct is a misdemeanor that carries a maximum of a $1,000 fine or 90 days in jail.

Smith told police that the man and his friend had been told to leave but kept trying to push their way into the party, the complaint states.

According to the complaint:

Alexander J. Popp, who lived next door to the party in the 400 block of West Mifflin Street, told police that he and a friend, Grant L. Roeming, knocked at the door, which was answered by Smith, Popp said he tried to pull out his identification to show he was a neighbor when Smith punched him in the face and pushed Roeming.

Popp said he fell off the porch onto the sidewalk, and Smith came down and punched him again. Someone held Smith back, and Popp called 911. While he was on the phone, he said, Smith threw several punches at his face.

Smith told police he pushed Popp and Roeming off the porch after they were told to leave and said one of them sucker-punched him, so he went after that man, punching him twice in the face. He said his chain was ripped off his neck during the fight.

In his junior year at Wisconsin last season, Smith, of Mimico, Ontario, led the nation’s defensemen with 15 goals, 37 assists and 52 points. He decided in April to forgo his senior year and turn pro.


Scott Pantall said...

I'm siding with the hockey player on this one. As a 911 operator for almost 5 years I've heard "I was just being nice and he punched me." plenty of times. It's never been true though.

Anonymous said...

LOL and while thy're sending guys to the boxes, I'm quite sure that's exactly what the WCHA Refs hear all the time in those fan-favorite, after-whistle, in-the-crease scrums too!

Anonymous said...

laughing, yeah Eaves has always cared about his "student/athletes". Go to Wisconsin and get a get out of jail free card, is there recruiting promise.

vizoroo said...

Looks like the "bad boyz" are trying to field a team this off-season.
smirk smirk