LetsGoDU's Mid-Summer Projected Lineup

Zucker (Fr) - Martin (Sr) - Maiani (Sr)
K. Ostrow (Sr) - D. Shore (So) - Bennett (Fr)
Jackson (rs-Jr) - N. Shore (Fr) - Knowlton (So)
S. Ostrow (So) - Olszewski (Fr) - Dewhurst (Jr)
Salazar (Jr) / Mermis (Fr)

Donovan (So) - Lee (Jr)
Nutini (Sr) - Makowski (Fr)
Phillips (So) - Wrenn (So)
Ryder (rs-Jr) / Brehm (Sr) / Cook (Sr)

Brittain (Fr) / Murray (So) / Rosenholtz (Sr)

Anthony Maiani

Freshman Of The Year
Sam Brittain

Most Improved Player
Paul Phillips

Defensive Player Of The Year
Matt Donovan


msbdu said...

How in the world is Rosenholtz (Sr)

pessimisticfan said...

Josh Rosenholtz WILL NOT be in front of Paulgaard. Hahahahaha, believe me I played with him all through youth hockey

dggoddard said...

Rosenholtz is a Senior who has played three seasons for DU's roller hockey or club team. He's just going to be a practice goalie.

We don't have any word yet, but its possible that Paulgaard won't be on the team this season. Perhaps he's taking his final year off to concentrate on his studies.

Third string goalies basically never see any ice time.

Anonymous said...

....or at least we hope they never see any ice time....


Anonymous said...

MVP - Kyle Ostrow

Freshman of the Year - Beau Bennett

Best Web Site - LetsGoDU blog

Most avid DU Hockey Fan - DG

puck swami said...

There is a lot of youth here, and I think DU will be taking some early lumps with the brutal schedule up front. Hope to be .500 at Christmas, honestly. Hope one of these guys can play goal, too.

Perhaps, with bit of luck, DU can gel late in the season and make a run, but honestly, third place would a huge acheivement and 4th-5th-6th is probably more realistic.

DU has lost a ton of talent, and it's a stretch to expect greatness from this bunch.

Anonymous said...

Nice projections. I still say we've yet to see the real Drew Shore here, either. If he were to be paired with Bennett, that could be fantastic for both of them and I think they would have the potential to become lethal one day. And what an opportunity this is for Sam Brittian to start the next chapter of his career. You can bet that Wade, Adam, Glen, Pete & Marc will be watching closely.

MagnessMan said...

I agree with PS--lots of kids and 500 at Christmas would be a successful start. I think the lines (just like any other year) will be mixed and matched many times over till things settle.

I think the D will be good. The big question mark is between the pipes. It kind of feels good to have low expectations after last year. It will be fun to watch this group jell and mature.

Anonymous said...

Paulgaard is done. Gonna be an interesting year. Tough schedule to start. Goaltending big question.

pessimisticfan said...

My predictions for lines:


Martin, K. Ostrow, Maiani
D. Shore, Bennett, Zucker
N. Shore, Knowlton, S. Ostrow
Dewhurst, Jackson, Salazar

Donovan, Lee
Wrenn, Ryder
Phillips, Makowski


Anonymous said...

Well; maybe having 120 minutes of pre-season is a good thing then....

dggoddard said...

Swami's got a point about Freshman contributing early in their first year, but look at three of DU's greatest players in the last 20 years.

In their first 10 games as Pioneers:

Stastny - 2 goals, 2 assists

Carle - 1 goal, 3 assists

Bozak - 6 goals, 4 assists

Why were Bozak's numbers so good? Because he wasn't a "true freshman." He was 21 years-old and had three seasons in the BCHL under his belt.

Take a look at Zucker. Not only does he have two years in the USNDP praciticing against fantastic players every day, but he also has 20 games against some of the best players in the world in the three Junior tourneys.

Makowski was the best defenseman in the USHL last season but DU was willing to give him a scholie last season if Wiercioch has left after his Freshman year.

Bennett's numbers in the BCHL matched Bozak's numbers in his final season in the BCH.

Olszewski is going to be 21 years old this season.

Brittain is one of the six best 18 year-old goalies in the world.

Nick Shore's resume is similar to Zucker's minus the World Juniors.

These guys are the most developed and talented Freshmen DU has every had. They should be good to go right out of the gate.

puck swami said...

I agree with DG that this is probably the most talented freshmen class DU has had, but they will be going up against a killer schedule right out of the gate. This will pay long term dividends developmentally but the very high level of competition early is going to be a be a learning experience for all of them as they adjust to the high speed of the college game as played by some of the best teams. I don't see anyone on the team (let alone a rookie) averaging a point per game against that kind of schedule early.

With Statsny and Carle both at 4 points in their first 10 games, I'd be thrilled to see any of the new DU rookies with those numbers against the toughest opening schedule in college hockey.

Mike B said...

Too bad. Lars was a good dude. I played against him his freshman year when he skated with Angelo's team. I think that riding the pine wears on you after a while, especially when you are a competitor. Even in practices, the only time that they see any rubber is when the other two goalies get tired, and that doesn’t happen very often. Super good kid though.

JP said...

DG -- Why do you think Brittain will beat out Bennet as the best freshman? As a novice hockey fan, it seems to me that Bennet's first round NHL draft pick is a great prediction for his contributions this year.

dggoddard said...

The thing that fans have to remember about Beau Bennett is that the Pittsburgh Penguins don't think that Bennentt is a better player than Kyle Ostrow or Anthony Maiani today. Its that they project Bennett to be a great NHL player five years from now. Its all based on potential.

Regarding Brittain, goaltenders get all the credit when a team wins and all the blame when they lose. If DU has a big season, I'm guessing Brittain is going to get a lot of the spotlight.

Colborne was a first round draft choice and got off to a bit of a slow start at DU. And yet, IMO, Colborne was more of a complete player than Bennett at this point of his career.

To me Zucker & Makowski are going to be the two freshmen to step in and contribute immediately.

Brittain is the wildcard. If he has a big season, DU rolls. If he struggles, it could be a frustrating year.

I like DU's chances and I think they can easily finish in the Top 3 in the WCHA and top ten in all of college hockey. But they are going to need the freshman and the goaltending to be rock solid.

Anonymous said...

So, I'm just curious as to how you came to the determination that Colborne was a more complete player prior to coming than Bennett is. Not being a dick, just curious how this assertion came to be -- nor am I saying you are wrong or anything else.

dggoddard said...

I believe that Colborne was DU's most highly touted recruit in the past 30 years.

Colborne was assumed to be a sure fire 1st round pick in the 2008 draft. He had two seasons under his belt in Camrose where his teams went deep into the playoffs and he was the major contributor.

Colborne did it all at Camrose, PP, SH, heroic goals and eventually took the Kodiaks to within one shot of winning the RBC Championship.

Bennett had an incredible season for Pentiction. But he scored over 60% of his goals on the power play and there were some questions about his all-round game. Many scouting reports said he could be anywhere from a mid-first to late 2nd round pick.

Where Colborne has size, Bennett has speed. Bennett may well end up being a better college player than Colborne. But I think the perception was/is that Colborne has more tools than Bennett at this point in his career.

Clearly Bennett is more like Tyler Bozak in stature and skills than Joe Colborne.

I thought Colborne would score 20 goals and have 20 assists as a Freshman. He ended up with 10 goals and 21 assists, so he fell short of my projections.

Anonymous said...

Well good luck to the Norwegian Nightmare then. Had the coolest hair on the team - hands down! I hate to ask this.... because I mean no disrespect to him at all.... but it's a legitimate question - is there still a chance he will help out with the George Gwozdecky Youth Hockey Camp?

Anonymous said...

Being a backup goalie is THE hardest position in any sport. Pitchers have the bullpen; Quarterbacks play "catch" on the sidelines to loosen up. Backup hockey Goalies walk into a firestorm; from sitting to playing trying to, and being extected to...dig thier team out of a hole. No warmup; a few quick stretches if they're lucky.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Two goalies with "0" experience. ....." during rolls if Bennett plays well "....wtf are u smoking?

Anonymous said...

"0" experience huh? It's probably a good idea if you make a phone call down to Ft. Lauderdale and let the Flroida Panthers' front office know about your little revelation there, Sparky.

MagnessMan said...

I would think Zucker and Nick Shore would be on the same line as they have already logged a lot of ice time together.

MagnessMan said...

I think it would be naive to expect too much from Brittain in his first year. He's a young kid and he'll benefit greatly from the support he'll get at DU but it will take time for him to grow.