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DU recruit and Aspen native Dan Doremus is scheduled to arrive at the University of Denver in 2012. According to Mike Chambers Blog, he'll be playing in Sioux Falls for the next two years in the USHL. No surprise since Doremus was selected in the 1st round of the USHL Draft last month.
DU Alum Matt Carle and the Philadelphia Flyers face a do-or-die game tonight against the Chicago Blackhawks. If the Flyers win, Game 7 will be on Friday night in Chicago. Carle has been receiving props from the announcing crew and DU even got a shout out from NBC on Sunday night during the broadcast.
DU Alum Peter Mannino ended up having a sensational season with the AHL Chicago Wolves. He was 25-6-1 during the regular season and led the Wolves to the AHL Semi-Finals. His NHL rights are currently held by the Atlanta Thrashers.


Aluuum said...

If Peter was paying goalie for Phil. instead of that leak that they now have Phil. would be up 3 to 1. I saw at least three goals thea Mennino would have stopped.

Anonymous said...

OK granted, atleast it's SOUTH Dakota; but tt will be good for Danny to play up in the Dakotas; that way he'll have a genuine, deep, burning hatred built up for anything Sioux by the time he comes to Colorado.

Anonymous said...

Aluuum put down the bottle when you post.

pessimisticfan said...

DU should have a huge class of NHL Draftee's next summer with Nick Shore, Scott Mayfield, Dan Doremus, Zac Larazza and possibly Matt Van Voorhis and Garrett Allen (if he's not selected this draft)