Colborne Wears DU Gear At Development Camp

(above) Joe Colborne wears a DU shirt during workouts at the Boston Bruins Development Camp for prospects and rookies


vizoroo said...

Love this picture!. Would love to see him wearing Boston's black and gold next season.
The Eastern Diovision seems to be the teams we need to watch.
Carle Philadelphia

And coming up
Rakhshani--NY Islanders
It may be highly unlikely that all 4 will be in the NHL this year. But, let's be optimistic! :-)

Anonymous said...

This guy looks like he is hanging with the French fagball team - what a tool!!!

Anonymous said...

he should probably wear pampers!!!

Anonymous said...

To those mocking big Joe, perhaps you'd like to be 6-5, a first round NHL draft pick, good looking, articulate straight-A student, be a WCHA all-star and have a CEO dad worth $30 million, who gives you your own rink, and a fieldhouse for your all-Ivy hoopster/hot sister from Yale.

It's good to be Big Joe.

Anonymous said...

looks like he is trying to find his little pecker eh DG?? Did you ever find yours?

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why everyone hates on Joe so much on this site