Zucker's GWG Goal Highlights Scrimmage

(left) Incoming DU Freshman Jason Zucker scored the GWG during a scrimmage on Saturday at the Minnesota Wild's Development Camp

From: NHL.com

Among the nine goals scored in Team Green's 5-4 scrimmage over Team White at Minnesota Wild's Development Camp, there were none prettier than the game-winner. Incoming DU Freshman Jason Zucker, the Wild's second-round pick (one of three) in the 2010 NHL Entry Draft, put his team on top for good in the final 30 seconds.

Nate Prosser, in the corner, flipped the puck to a standing Zucker low in the left circle. Zucker needed to kick the puck to his stick side, then unleashed a furious one-timer that went over Dennis Endras.

The goal completed a comeback from two goals down for Team Green and nearly overshadowed a two-goal game from University of Minnesota-Duluth Bulldog Justin Fontaine.


vizoroo said...

Zucker vs Fontaine. A preview of DU vs UMD.

BTW, RWD has some photos of the Sunday scrimmage on her blog.

Anonymous said...

DU forwards were practicing on the Joy Burns ice last night. Crimson squad: Dusty Jackson (was skating well), Chris Knowlton, Anthony Maiani, Luke Salazar, Kyle Ostrow, Drew Shore, Shawn Ostrow and Adam Murray (one incredible glove save). The Gold squad: Nick Shore, Max Bull, Kevin Ulanski, Kyle Quincy (Avs), Cody McCloud (Avs) and some guy wearing a Toronto Maple Leafs #42 helmet…Bozak skated around everyone, rarely shot, and just kept feeding his teammates. He could have done whatever he wanted out there. He looked much bigger than when he was at DU.