LetsGoDU's Late-Summer Projected Lineup

K. Ostrow (Sr) - Martin (Sr) - Maiani (Sr)
Zucker (Fr) - D. Shore (So) - Bennett (Fr)
Jackson (rs-Jr) - N. Shore (Fr) - Knowlton (So)
S. Ostrow (So) - Olszewski (Fr) - Dewhurst (Jr)
Salazar (Jr) / Mermis (Fr) / Jones (Fr)

Donovan (So) - Lee (Jr)
Nutini (Sr) - Makowski (Fr)
Phillips (So) - Wrenn (So)
Ryder (rs-Jr) / Brehm (Sr) / Cook (Sr)

Brittain (Fr) / Murray (So) / Rosenholtz (Sr)

Anthony Maiani

Freshman Of The Year
Sam Brittain

Most Improved Player
Paul Phillips

Defensive Player Of The Year
Matt Donovan


vizoroo said...

Do you know something about Lars that no one else does?

dggoddard said...

Whoops. Nice catch.

Rosenholtz has replaced Lars.

Twister said...

I think Ryder should be a top-6 defenseman. He brings grit and a physical presence that DU sorely needs.

dggoddard said...

I agree about Ryder, but five of the guys ahead of him have scholies and Nutini may have been one of the best defensemen in the WCHA last season.

Ryder will be in the mix.

Twister said...

Completely agree on Nutini. He's a very valuable part of the team. I'm just not yet convinced that Wrenn or Philips are upgrades over Ryder, scholarships aside.

dggoddard said...

Phillips was one of the youngest players in the WCHA last season. His upside is huge.

Wrenn hurt his hip sometime around or before New Years last season. We never got to see him healthy.

He's a possible late addition to the USA National Junior Team if he gets off to a fast start this season.