Boone Necklaces Available Online

Problem: You want to wear your $125 DU hockey jersey to the games, but feel guilty about not supporting Boone in case you run into Chancellor Coombe in the Magness bathroom?

Problem solved.

Boone supporter Anne Franklin has created two necklaces with Boone on them. The necklaces ($15) are repurposed scrabble tiles on one side, and Boone on the other. Anne lives near DU and couldn't let her favorite unofficial mascot go unnoticed. Visit and you can have one or two of your very own.


dggoddard said...

Anne sent me a nice email.

She didn't know I was going to post the link to her site, but she has already sold 7 necklaces this morning. :-)

Anonymous said...

Is there anywhere I can get a Boone bumper or window sticker for my car? I feel like that would be way more awesome than the standard "DU".

dggoddard said...

Good suggestion.

I'll see if Anne wants to start selling Boone bumper stickers on her site.

She ended up selling 12 necklaces yesterday.

Anonymous said...

her website causes errors..i can't open it up. maybe she can get a table set up at joy burns ice arena during youth hockey games on Saturday mornings, as the hockey moms (who, yes, do attend Fri/Sat DU games too)would love these.

anne franklin said...

great suggestion! Sorry you are having trouble with {}. I will try to fix the error problem. If you would like a necklace & can't access the website, please email me at Hope to see you at Joy Burns! anne