Crimson & Gold Tavern Opens Before Season

From: Westword
by Jon Solomon

When brothers Kevin and Craig Caldwell took over the former Aroma Cafe (and Pita Jungle before that) at 2017 South University Boulevard near the end of 2009, they'd hoped to reopen the spot as the Crimson & Gold Tavern in the spring. But in February, they were denied a liquor license; turns out the address was within 500 feet of the Ricks Center for Gifted Children at the University of Denver.

Andy Caldwell, Craig's son, is Crimson & Gold's general manager. A University of Denver graduate, he thinks the neighborhood could use a good sports bar/restaurant; his father and uncle, who grew up near the school and went to DU football and hockey games, agree. The Caldwells are also the folks behind Brooklyn's, so this family knows their sports bars -- and they're counting on the DU-themed tavern to draw pre- and post-game crowds, whether the game is hockey, basketball, soccer or lacrosse.

Andy says they might occasionally bring in bands and DJs, too.

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