New Look WCHA Could Feature 8 or 9 Teams

This article about Western Michigan hockey suggests that the CCHA & WCHA will split teams accordingly.
Western Michigan
Northern Michigan
Ferris State
Lake State
Michigan Tech
Bowling Green

North Dakota
Minnesota State-Mankato
St. Cloud
Colorado College
Bemidji State
(I guess Miami????)


Aluuum said...

It is vital for D.U. to get Miami and Notre Dame into it's conference if Minn.and Wisc. go big ten. Otherwise, D.G., the line up that you have is clearly second rate to the new big ten and also the two eastern conferences.

dggoddard said...

Notre Dame may be joining the "big boys" conference.

A slimmed down WCHA is far superior to the ECAC and on equal footing with hockey East.

Anonymous said...

Clearly second rate to the eastern conferences? Really?

Not sure I would even consider agreeing that statement, much less actually agreeing.

What is funny about all this is that recruits weren't going to the "other" WCHA schools just so they could beat Wisconsin and Minnesota. So, it's not like top recruits will avoid a sans-Bucky/Goldy WCHA. Everything will be fine...different but fine nonetheless.

Also, if Miami comes to the "New WCHA", how about offering a spot to the USAFA? That would give 10 schools and the desired even number of teams.

Anonymous said...

Agree with DG. DU, Miami (fingers crossed that we get them), CC, UND are on par with UNH, BU, BC and Maine.

Add schools like Duluth, St. Cloud, UNO (with Blais), Bemidji and possibly a Jeff Jackson Notre Dame...I'd argue that the WCHA will still be the premier hockey conference from top to bottom.

I just hope Mich Tech stays so that we can keep the MacNaughton

dggoddard said...

Wonder if Colorado State could jump into the fray? They don't need an arena as they could play in the Budweiser Events Center.

Anonymous said...

Air Force doesn't wany any part of a watered down WCHA...

Anonymous said...

I agree that AFA would not want to come to the WCHA. However, it would not be because the league was "watered down", but because they would rather stay in a conference where they wouldn't be second tier...

Anonymous said...

Has Northern Arizona shown any interest in resuming a D-1 program?