DU's 1969 National Championship Team

(above) Front row: Ed Hamilton, Randy Ward, Dale Zeman, Tim Gould, and Dan Helm. Middle row: Coach Murray Armstrong, Allan Genovy, Thomas Miller, Keith Magnuson, Craig Patrick, John Saville, Gerry Powers, Rich Blanche, Gerry Jonasson, Bob Trembecky, and trainer Gene Bradshaw. Top row: George Morrison, Don Thiessen, Terry Leifson, Tom Gilmore, Lynn Powis, Bill Pettinger, and Manager Tom Sampson

Last week the 1969 National Championship team was inducted into the DU Athletics Hall of Fame. This photo was probably taken right after DU defeated Cornell in Colorado Springs for the National Championship.

Denver defeated Cornell 4-3 in a goaltending duel between DU's Gerry Powers and Ken Dryden. Dryden would later achieve fame winning multiple Stanley Cups for the Montreal Canadiens. The game would be Coach Murray Armstrong's 5th and final NCAA Championship at DU.


vizoroo said...

Can we morph this photo to "age" the players? Maybe then we could recognize them in the picture from the HOF ceremony. :-)

Was thae Keith Magnuson's wife in the center of the back row with the hockey players? I heard she and daughter Molly attended the ceremony.

puck swami said...

1969 NCAA Video Clip Here:

You can buy the 69 NCAA video for $25, as well as DU NCAA appearances.

Anonymous said...

The game was at the old Broadmoor World Arena. I was there and remember the celebration after the game. Well I remember some of the celebration . A great team.

old pio said...

I was there too. George Morrison was all over Dryden like a cheap suit. SI referred to him as rubber man. Craig Patrick's dad was GM of the St. Louis Blues and was in the Springs, presumably to watch the game and have a chat with George. Morrison left DU early to play for them. He became the first Pioneer to turn pro early. But they were a wonderful team, completing two extraordinary seasons where they dominated college hockey like few teams ever have. We're missing Maggie and Morrison, but their exploits live on.