Go DU .... Beat The Catamounts .... DU vs. Vermont Friday Night @ 5 PM (MST) .... Go DU

Line Chart

Jason Zucker - Drew Shore - Chris Knowlton
Beau Bennett - Nick Shore - Kyle Ostrow
Anthony Maiani - Jesse Martin - Luke Salazar
Shawn Ostrow - Dan Olszewski - Nate Dewhurst

Matt Donovan - Chris Nutini
John Ryder - David Makowski
Paul Phillips - John Lee

Adam Murray
Sam Brittain


Mike B said...

Last night, there were a few Pioneers alums playing in the NHL's Opening Day/Night. Check out www.nhl.com. The front page features a picture of Staz after he scored the GW in OT. The pic is eerily reminicent of his celebrations at Magness...

My Gwoz be with you.

Anonymous said...

Vermont is an Olympic size surface?? In Coach's interview over on thier official site, he makes mention of a wider rink??? Fhat the Wuck is he talking aboot??? GO DU

Anonymous said...

It all starts here and now, boys....bring it on, especially those pussies from da springs and g forks.....GO DU!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow. Breaking up the senior line and putting Luke on the 1st line. Ostrow Sr. going with Shore Jr. and Bennett.

I think I like it. It will be interesting to see how the lines work out.

Puck swami said...

UVM is a hybrid - not Olympic size but not NHL size either. It's about 92 feet wide. NHL is 85 wide, and International is 100 feet wide.