DU 4 - Bemidji State 2 FINAL

(above) DU rolled to their fourth consecutive WCHA victory

The University of Denver overcame a second period deficit and rolled to a 4-2 victory against Bemidji State on Saturday night in Magness Arena.

Nick Shore playing with a cast on his broken hand scored a decisive late second period goal to tie the game at two. Nick added an assist and was named Star of the Game by the media.

Freshman Sam Brittain is quietly establishing himself as one of the best goaltenders in college hockey. The win moved his season record to 7-3-2.

North Dakota's loss to UNO means DU moved into second place in the WCHA with the victory. Colorado College sits comfortably in 11th place in the WCHA Standings.

1st Period
DU Goal - Makowski (Salazar, D.Shore) PP
Bemidji - Rendle (Walters, Read)
Bemidji -Lowe (Billberg, George) PP

2nd Period
DU Goal - N. Shore (Phillips, Bennett)

3rd Period
DU Goal - Maiani (D. Shore, Bennett)
DU Goal - Zucker (Makowski) ENG

Jason Zucker - Drew Shore - Luke Salazar
Anthony Maiani - Nick Shore - Beau Bennett
Chris Knowlton - Kyle Ostrow - Shawn Ostrow
Dan Olszewski - Nate Dewhurst - Dustin Jackson

Matt Donovan - Chris Nutini
John Ryder - David Makowski
Paul Phillips - William Wrenn

Sam Brittain - Adam Murray - Josh Rosenholtz


dggoddard said...

Gwozdecky in a jovial mood in the post game interview. He wished everyone in Pioneer Nation a Happy Thanksgiving.

Love seeing the coach catching a little school spirit.

puck swami said...

The Pios basically lazily sleepwalked through the first two periods, but woke up in the third and played hard enough to get the win. Nice to get final exams behind them and concentrate on hockey only for the next month.

Very important to pick up the four league points and put them in the PWR bank for later,

Great game by Nick Shore with one working hand, and Dusty Jackson is a big boy that can be a slot presence.

dggoddard said...

Gwozdecky gave the boyz the old "Fire & Brimstone Speech" between the 2nd & 3rd period.

Twister said...

Kudos to DU for digging in and persevering this weekend. It wasn't pretty, but the Pios did enough to earn 4 very important league points against a hard working, game opponent. The Pios were listless and sluggish for sequences this weekend, but in the end they scored some key goals, and Brittain stood tall when he needed to.

I'm very happy with this team so far. No one knows what this team will end up accomplishing, but these guys have stuck together through some adversity, horrific injuries, and a very tough schedule. 10 games played in the WCHA--7 victories and 15 points earned out of a possible 20--that's a pretty good start.

Next up: the Denver Cup. Keep it going fellas! Go DU!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Wow, way to go, guys. This team is shaping up to maybe surprise some folks. Mom is in town next weekend and we have tix for the Air Force game, please don't disappoint, let's show mom a win :-)

Great Brittain is doing one heckuva job. I fear Murray may again be slipping to second .... He is such a nice guy. But he may yet blossom as he gets comfortable.

Anonymous said...

It was cool to see Joe Sakic in attendance.

Anonymous said...

Unquestionably, that was the rowdiest, loudest, craziest, most out of control, off thier rocker and jam-packed student section I have ever ever seen in any college sport. That was an insane 2 hours!!! FLIPPIN AWESOME

dggoddard said...

The students have gone home for Christmas Holiday. DU is on the Quarter System so they begin Winter Term on Jan. 3.

While a winter break of over a month may seem crazy, it gives the DU hockey team a huge advantage. They can practice, work out and and focus 100% on hockey much like a pro team without distractions. It is almost like a Mid-Season Training Camp.

DU also uses the Winter Break to go on road trips without missing any classtime. DU once again will travel to Anchorage over Winter Break.

DU probably has won over 75% of their games over Winter Break since 1960.