DU 3 - Bemidji State 1 FINAL

The University of Denver cruised to a 3-1 victory over Bemidji State on Friday night. The announced crowd was 4,300 but there appeared to be 3,000 empty seats at Magness Arena as DU saw one of its smallest crowds in recent memory.

Both Matt Donovan and Jason Zucker had a goal and an assist and Sam Brittain played another outstanding game in goal.

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Jason Zucker - Drew Shore - Luke Salazar
Anthony Maiani - Nick Shore - Beau Bennett
Chris Knowlton - Kyle Ostrow - Shawn Ostrow
Jarrod Mermis - Nate Dewhurst - Dustin Jackson

Matt Donovan - Chris Nutini
John Ryder - David Makowski
Paul Phillips - William Wrenn

Sam Brittain - Adam Murray - Josh Rosenholtz


puck swami said...

Pios got the job done against a hard-working BSU team. DU was a little sloppy which always happens during finals week givne the disruptions and the sleep issues, but they were able to outskil BSU enough to get the win, 3-1.

Twister said...

Glad DU got the W tonight. These series that occur during finals week are always tough. The Pios were outcompeted and outworked at times tonight, but they capitalized when it counted. Give the BSU goalie credit--he made a handful of great saves. Brittain was solid as well.

DU needs to take care of business tomorrow night and cap off a 4-point weekend.

Anonymous said...

Pios did what it took .. still too much play in our end and too much pressure on a first-year netminder ... more communication, better passing needed.

It'll come. I'm starting to see it come together.

This could be the dark horse team in the playoffs if they keep improving, I sense a real affection for each other and a willingness to improve and grow. I like our chances. --chase

puck swami said...

I thought DU made some adjustments in the second and third to mitigate BSU's superb cycling down low. These adjustment helped keep BSU from generating second shots.

Anonymous said...

Is the DU squad still made up of retard baby midgets?

Puck Swami said...

Final exams takes out at least 500 and the Avs game takes out 500 more, plus another 500 probably 'ate' their tickets, most of them probably uninterested in Bemidji. Having three weekends home in a row doesn't help, either. Too much hockey for some...

du78 said...

Per Chambesr blog, Rycroft went to visit Jesse yesterday and couldn't find him. Apparently he was playing basketabll in the Craig rehab gym. Jesse is scheduled to be at tonight's game and watch it on TV in the player's lounge.

Anonymous said...

"still too much play in our end and too much pressure on a first-year netminder"

Too much play? Yeah, the puck should always be in DU's attack zone. DU gave up only 15 shots on goal, so who really gives a crap if you think there was "too much play". The opposing team is going to control the puck in DU's end from time-to-time throughout a game -- that's a given. I fail to see how 15 shots on goal is "too much pressure" on Brittain. Has he given even the slightest indication that he can not handle whatever is thrown at him? UH, THAT IS A RESOUNDING "NO" (minus getting hung out at CC).

What a horseshit comment.

Anonymous said...

Even though BSU only had 15 shots, the fine cycling job that BSU did in the DU end kept quite a bit of mental pressure on theDU defense as well as Brittain,

The Pios need to do a better job breaking up that cycle.

Anonymous said...

How cool was it so see #8 wearing that new jersey??? The Beavers-Pioneers game should be more physical tonight....