Jesse Martin's Surgery Successful

(above) Today's Clarion student newspaper has an article on Jesse Martin with some details about Zeke Perez's visit to Minnesota last Saturday

Jesse Martin's surgery was successful according to a University of Denver Press Release. Obviously things can change, but supposedly the plan is for Jesse to spend a week or so recovering in Minnesota and then continue his rehabilitation in Denver.
"University of Denver senior center Jesse Martin (Edmonton, Alberta) underwent surgery Monday afternoon at Regions Hospital in St. Paul, Minn., to stabilize a broken C2 vertebra in his neck. The surgery went as planned. Doctors will reassess his condition on Tuesday morning"
- DU Press Release

DU Clarion: Donuts Symbolic Gift To Martin

DU Clarion: DU Basketball Coaches Support Martin

CTV Edmonton: Martin Able To Walk After Surgery

"They were actually able to have Jesse walk with some help towards another chair about four feet away and then he turned and was able to sit down,"
- Terry Martin (via CTV News)


Anonymous said...

Thank goodness, that is great news. Rest up and looking forward to seeing you around campus again Jesse!

Pioneers04 said...

Good news for Jesse, his family, and DU. Hope he can start what I'm sure will be a long road to recovery. Good luck Jesse and best wishes.

Aluuum said...

Sounds good but I'm still holoding my breath. Let's see what they say tomorrow.

dggoddard said...

Great news. Best wishes to Jesse and his family. Congrats to the doctors and staff who performed the surgery.

For those that didn't see it, Channel 11 in Minneapolis has a picture of Jesse's X-Ray and a interview with Dr. Mendez who explained what he was going to do in the surgery. Incredible work these doctors are doing.

dggoddard said...

Miller makes the front page photo on the Clarion.

Miller must be running for President of Pioneer Nation. I wonder if he'll name Matt Donovan the Secretary of Defense?

msbdu said...

I will not seek office, and if nominated I will not run!

Thanks for the thought!!!

Aluuum said...

msbdu-what you just said is what we need Obama to say

vizoroo said...

Thanks for the CTV link. I couldn't find it. That's great news that Jesse was already up on his feet.