Media Coverage Of Jesse Martin Injury-Part III


dggoddard said...

Be sure to read the story. Looks like Jesse's father Terry Martin is advocating some major changes in checking and the way the game is played.

Its going to be very difficult for the NCAA to continue to turn a blind eye these catastrophic injuries. Clearly WCHA memos about blows to the head are just lip service.

dggoddard said...

According to DU78, Jesse is the 5th Pioneer to suffer a serious neck or head injury while at DU.

The first was George Congrave in the late 1950s who had a skate go into his head during practice. He never played again.

Mike Aikens never played again after being hit by Sean Hill of Wisconsin.

Gwozdecky mentioned in his press conference on Tuesday that Brent Cary broke his neck in a collision in practice in his first year at DU. Brent is the only one so far that was able to come back and play again.

Although it didn't happen at DU, Bill Masterton, one of the greatest players ever at DU, died after he was checked, fell backwards and hit his head on the ice. He was playing for the NHL Minnesota North Stars at the time.

Anonymous said...

The WCH blog is the best article to date I think.

du78 said...

Jimbo's son Chris also remembered that Barry Sharp died after getting hit in the temple during practice at DU in the early 1960s in his freshman year. That sadly brings the number up to 6.