In a battle between the best two teams in the WCHA, the University of Denver prevailed over Minnesota-Duluth in overtime 5-4. Drew Shore was the scoring hero, but it was Luke Salazar & Jason Zucker who fought for the puck and made a pinpoint pass from behind the goal to a wide open Shore.

After leading 3-0, UMD stormed back with four unanswered goals. It appeared that the Bulldogs scored the game winner with 4 minutes remaining in the third period. But DU tied it up with 90 seconds remaining on a Jason Zucker goal. It was Zuckers third goal of the night and he also chipped in an assist.

Beau Bennett injured his knee in the 2nd Period on a play where he was not near another player. Bennett is out for the rest of the series and perhaps longer.

With the victory, DU moves into a first place tie in the WCHA standings. DU also jumps up four spots to #5 in the national Pairwise Rankings.

1st Period
DU Goal - Zucker (Donovan)
DU Goal - Maiani (Nutini, Bennett)

2nd Period
DU Goal - Zucker (Bennett)
UMD Goal - Connolly (Fontaine, Montgomery)
UMD Goal - Berman (Fontaine)
UMD Goal - Connolly M.

3rd Period
UMD Goal - Schmidt (Olsen)
DU Goal - Zucker

DU Goal - Shore D (Salazar, Zucker)


Jason Zucker - Drew Shore - Luke Salazar
Anthony Maiani - Nick Shore - Beau Bennett
Chris Knowlton - Kyle Ostrow - Dustin Jackson
Nate Dewhurst - Shawn Ostrow

Matt Donovan - Chris Nutini
John Ryder - David Makowski
Paul Phillips - William Wrenn
John Lee

Sam Brittain - Adam Murray


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

crap ... our faceoffs need work.

Anonymous said...

wth? 3-2

dggoddard said...

Bennett out with an injury in the 2nd Period. Mentioned right knee on the B2 Network.

du78 said...

Per Bacher on his blog, Bennett out for the night with a right knee injury.

dggoddard said...

UMD announcers said off the air that Bennett was not hit on the play. His skate caught a rut.

Twister said...

Come on Pios!!!

Anonymous said...

WOOOOOOOT! Wow, wotta game --chase

Twister said...

Yeah baby yeah!!!!!!

DU/CC Dad said...

Guys were making me nervous with all the penalties. Dogs took over for 2nd and 3rd. Pios pull it out to force OT and win it. Whew!

Anonymous said...

Is there no where in Denver that is showing the game in a sports bar?

dggoddard said...

No because Channel 9 in Duluth is not on Direct TV or Dish Network.

B2 on the computer works pretty well for 7 bucks.

Anonymous said...

OH YEAH!!! Pio's win!! No big deal.

Twister said...

Please tell me Bennett's injury is not serious.

Anonymous said...

Gwoz delivered some good news, says Bennett's knee isn't as bad as thought ... a strain. With a brace he could play next weekend. I'm just happy he'll play again this year. Nice. -- chase

dggoddard said...

We've heard all this before with Bozak's knee injury a couple of years ago. That was supposedly no big injury at the time and he was out four months.

Bad news for Bennett is this might put a crimp on his World Junior campaign.

Sara said...

I would like to personally thank the Denver Pioneers for their victory tonight. Someone else needed to knock them down a peg or two. I was going to throw up if they would have won another OT game. Much appreciated.

Runninwiththedogs said...

Wow, Sara, you're kind of a bitch. Jealous, honey?

Bennett's injury was so odd. It was obvious that he was in EXTREME pain. He was writhing around on the ice. They did get him off quickly, but he could not put any weight on his leg at all. Poor guy. I would be blown away if he played next weekend.

achsdu17 said...

I only have three letter to describe this game.


puck swami said...

Big win for Denver, and a huge confidence boost against a great UMD team.

It always feels good when you win the first game of a WCHA series on the road, especially when its the #1 team in the country facing you, you blew a three goal lead, it's the last weekend of your opponents' 45 year old arena and they retired Brett Hull's number.

The next night, you don't have the tension that comes with the notion you might get swept....

Anonymous said...

Yeah, there's no way they would elaborate on Bennett's injury so soon....unless it was an obviously serious event, like what Martin went through. sure hope it's ok.....or will be.....