DU Lacrosse Adds Duke To 2011 Schedule

(above) DU fans on the East Coast will be able to watch Denver take on Duke on Long Island

From: Denver Post

The Denver men's lacrosse team got an addition to its 2011 schedule, and it's a big one: defending national champion Duke on April 9 at the new Bethpage (N.Y.) High School lacrosse stadium on Long Island.

"Playing the defending NCAA Champions is both a challenge and an honor," DU head coach Bill Tierney said. "We know that playing such an outstanding team in the middle of our ECAC schedule is a risk, but the opportunity to measure ourselves against the best, is well worth it."

Tierney and Duke coach John Danowski grew up about 10 minutes away from the stadium in the town of Oyster Bay. The game is sponsored by the Bethpage Educational Foundation. The stadium's capacity of 2,700 will be increased to about 6,000 for the game.


puck swami said...

Great opportunity for DU to showcase it's program against the best team in the country in the heart of one of the key recruiting grounds in the sport.

Hope they play well.

dggoddard said...

Sounds like a fun road trip for DU fans. Partying in the Big Apple and hitting the Lax game out in Long island.

I think we'll send Boone out there as well.

du78 said...

FYI, Duke has 11 players from Long Island on the team. Should be a great game only 10 minutes from my house.

puck swami said...

Hopefully, Boone will be at the Frozen Four that weekend,,,,,

Anonymous said...

We'll have to get Boone a private jet.