Jesse Martin Returns Home To Edmonton

(above) Jesse Martin at Edmonton Airport on Monday

From: CTV Edmonton
by Dez Melenka

A former local hockey player who broke his neck during a college game in the U.S. arrived home in Edmonton Monday about a month after he was injured.

Jesse Martin who plays with the University of Denver has been recovering in hospital for the past month.

The 22-year-old former Spruce Grove Saint and member of the St. Francis Xavier High School hockey academy was playing against the University of North Dakota when he was body-checked.

Martin suffered three fractures of his C2 vertebrae. The six-foot-two player took the hit hard and was knocked unconscious. He initially did not have any feelings in his arms or legs.

The young man has undergone surgery to put a screw into his vertebrae.

He now says he is happy to be home in Edmonton.

"With Christmas coming up I am just so thrilled to be back here with my family and being able to enjoy it in a way that for a while I didn't think was possible," he told CTV News Monday.

Martin says he isn't taking his recovery for granted. He acknowledges things could have taken a different turn.

"You see people with the exact same injury that either control their wheelchair with their head or one arm or with a straw or whatever and you think that could have easily been you."

The 22-year-old will return to Denver University to continue school and his rehabilitation after a five-week break in Edmonton.

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Anonymous said...

It’s so good to see Jesse back home and presumably with family and friends, IMO that's the best place for recovery.

Get well soon Jesse and Happy Holidays to all at LetsGoDU!

North Dakota native