USA vs. Slovakia On Tuesday Evening

NHL Network TV Coverage
USA vs. Slovakia Tuesday @ 6 PM MT


NHL Network-US
will provide live coverage of the U.S. National Junior Team games at the 2011 World Junior Championship, Dec. 26 to Jan. 5. NHL Network also will televise all medal-round games and five additional preliminary-round match-ups, airing a total of 15 games from the tournament, and provide nightly re-caps in its signature show NHL On the Fly.

Gary Thorne, Dave Starman, Fred Pletsch and Billy Jaffe will make up the broadcast team for the NHL Network's coverage of Team USA's games.

University of Denver players Jason Zucker and Drew Shore will play for Team USA.


Anonymous said...

is russia in this tourney or not? only one game against canada?

puck swami said...

There are two pools, and the USA is in a pool with Finland, Slovakia, Germany and Switzerland. Canada is a pool with Russia and Sweden. High finishers in each pool crossover inthe medal round.

The NHL network is showing the US games and a few others, not the whole tourney.

Twister said...

I'm really looking forward to this tournament and hope our guys can bring home the gold again.

Is there some type of coaching rotation for the national teams? I wonder why Blais didn't get the gig again, given the success of the team last year.

dggoddard said...

Coaching the team is more of a chore than a reward. You do it to give back to the game and hopefully help USA hockey win.

The days of a Herb Brooks quitting his job at Minnesota to coach the USA Olympic Team are long over.

Anonymous said...

True dat, Goddard - true dat. If I was, say for instance Steve miller or Derek LaLonde - I'd be pretty pissed off if Gwozdecky said, "you guys have a nice Christmas - I'm going to New york to coach for a few weeks - don't screw anything up while I'm gone......" Yes, I guess it would be an honor to Coach that team; but on the other hand - what kind of messaage does it truly send to your team and staff if you up & leave them?

Anonymous said...

Home of the most retarded fans in all of college hockey

msbdu said...

It's so good to see that some of the anonymous posters still have the Christmas spirit!

Anonymous said...

WOW! Shore just had an amazing goal... 5-1 USA!

Anonymous said...

USA wins 6-1, but Zucker is injured on a cold-blooded elbow to head hit from Martin Marinsin who is ejected. Let's hope Zucker is ok!!!