Pat LaFontaine Calls For Concussion Awareness

by Christopher Botta

When NHL hockey legend Pat LaFontaine suffered his last concussion 12 years ago, Boston center Marc Savard was on that Rangers team. LaFontaine wants Boston GM Cam Neely to know he's always available for advice, or just an encouraging word.

Sometimes the call comes from the parent of a youth hockey player battling with Post-Concussion Syndrome. LaFontaine, now 45 and living in New York, is a youth hockey parent himself. He coaches his 15-year-old son's team, the Long Island Royals, with the help of former Islanders wing Steve Webb.

Not a week goes by without LaFontaine offering counsel to victims of concussions. No matter whom he is advising, LaFontaine's message is consistent.

"Make sure you are not having any recurring symptoms before you're active again," LaFontaine said. "Do not go back on the ice, do not go back to work, until you are 100 percent cleared and symptom-free. Once you have a concussion and return, that's when the real damage can be done." [read entire article]


dggoddard said...

Congrats to UMD hockey radio announcer Bruce Ciske who begins work today for AOL Fanhouse as their NHL Editor.

I'd like to see WCHA officials start each game by telling the Captains and Coaches that there will be "Zero Tolerance for headshots." Automatic 5 minute Major & Game DQ.

Goon said...

DG, that would be a good start, however, we can't get the refs to make the proper call on the ice and are inconsistent.