Clarion: Pioneers Take On Minnesota State

(above) Today's DU Clarion profiles the upcoming Minnesota State series

From: DU Clarion
by Tyler Perlmutter

LinkDU hockey plays WCHA-foe Minnesota State on Friday for the second time this season as the Pioneers begin the second half of their conference schedule the road.

The Pioneers (13-5-4) have won seven of their last 10 games (7-1-2) and already have the upper hand in the season series. Denver swept Minnesota State (8-8-4) in an early season home series, beating the Mavericks 3-2 on Nov. 12 and then 6-1 the next night [read rest of article].


du78 said...

Chambers reporting today that Beau Bennett is questionable this weekend.

dggoddard said...

Link to Chambers article about Bennett.

The doctors seemed to have diagnosed Bennett's injury as a sprain, but its seems that sprains should heal quicker than this.

puke swami said...

My prediction for the weekend is a Minnesota St sweep. My reasoning:

1) the other teams fans will like me or at least won't hate me

2) DU fans already know I'm a douche

Hm ... maybe I'll skip the prediction and simply give my irrelevant observations the day after. That way I won't be wrong or make anyone mad. Better to be wishy-washy. That way I can criticize these college punks and make myself feel better all without taking the chance of people making fun of me (I get enough of that in my real life anyway, I don't need it in my cyber world).

dggoddard said...


Puck's been posting online about DU hockey since 1998 or before. While I too share your frustration and would like to see him pick DU to win a series occasionally, I doubt we're going to get him to change his evil ways.

puck swami said...

My observations and predictions are based on 30+ years of watching college hockey, with number of those years as a full-time hockey professional at the collegiate, international and NHL level.

In short, I've been paid by hockey experts to know what I am talking about, and while I am not in the game anymore professionally, I still love the game and enjoy sharing my views.

And while I get a few brickbats from the DU fan base (and opponents) from time to time, I also get more than my share of thanks for what I write. If you care enough to critisize me in print, chances are what I write is stimulating you, and that's good.

While I am a die-hard DU fan (as anyone who knows me personally will attest), I also try to view the game as objectively as a I can, based on years of experience and a lot of high level training from some of the best hockey minds in the business. And if what I write makes DU play better and win more games, then I am doing a lot more for the program than simply pumping people's tires and telling them how great they are...

Anonymous said...

Swami isn't a has been - he's a never was.