Coach Gwozdecky Live Chat On Thursday

A Live Online Chat with University of Denver hockey head coach George Gwozdecky was held today. Fans asked the two-time National Coach of the Year questions about this weekend's series against Alaska Anchorage and the Pioneer hockey program.


Anonymous said...

Big TV doubleheader coming up, I see. Are they going live & nationwide both nights? I knoe they're on FSN; but sometimes those games get but like on CBS College, ESPNU or other regional Fox channels. Just pisses me off, because when DU is on the road, there is NO TV, and I have to fumble with my AM transistor radio - which gets the Mexican channels in Laredo Texas better than it does 97.7FM (NOT kidding!!). But FSN does a good job on thier broadcasts... I just never get to see them

Anonymous said...

Will the online chat be completely void of flying water bottles? Dude needs to be careful, you can put an eye out with one of those things. Unfortunately, this is one lesson I learned the hard way…

dggoddard said...

Lots of good questions and interesting answers from the coach.

I'd like to see DU do it again before the CC series. Probably could drum up some pretty funny questions. :-)

puck swami said...

The big question was DGs, about the Big 10 and WCHA's future.

Gwoz' cryptic answer said volumes.

If the BTHC happens, then hopefull it will be as part of the existing conference structure with the WCHA and CCHA, just as the Ivy conference exists within the ECAC.

IF the BTHC wants to go it alone, I think that the WCHA will try to
poach some CCHA programs to fill the lost slots - probably Miami and Notre Dame as the targets. Of course, the CCHA might also try to poach some WCHA programs - say UND, UNO, CC, DU, Miami and Notre Dame, etc.

Or, as a last resort if the WCHA stays where they are without poaching anyone, I could see DU being a key part of a 5-8 breakaway conference of powerhouses from the WCHA and CCHA.

DU cannot maintain its status as revenue generator with a steady diet of non-name brand opponents.

Anonymous said...

What a super special post Swami.