Hockey's Future Profiles Nick Shore

(left) Nick Shore is expected to be drafted in the 2nd Round of the  NHL Draft in June

by D.J. Powers

Throughout its storied history, the University of Denver has produced a plethora of excellent NHL-drafted players. The next one to likely join the group is freshman Nick Shore.

Nick Shore is the younger sibling of Pioneers sophomore standout Drew Shore (FLA). Like his older brother, the younger Shore is also a centerman that came to the University of Denver (DU) from the US National Team Development Program (USNTDP). The two were the first brothers to play simultaneously with the USNTDP [read entire article].


dggoddard said...

Another great article by D.J. Powers who covers the DU Old Timers at the Snoopy Tournament every summer.

Twister said...

Nick's has a pretty good season---16 points in 25 games, along with being versatile. Hopefully he follows Drew's lead and has a big soph campaign.

dggoddard said...

Pretty amazing how similar Drew's Freshman stats were to Nick's stats this year. Especially when you consider that they have very different styles of play.

Drew 2009-10 (5g, 14a, 5% shooting, -8) His shooting % and +/- were the worst on the team.

Nick 2010-11 (5g, 11a, 8% shooting, -3) Like Drew's Sophomore campaign, if he increases his shooting percentage his stats will go up.

When you consider Drew's performance this season, its one of the biggest single season improvements in DU history for any player, present or past. Simply incredible. 20 goals, 21 assists, 25% shooting & +24.

Anonymous said...

Dg, you must really like to hear yourself blog.

Aluuum said...

Anon 6:10 You obviously know nothing about operating a blog.
As the blog Meister,it is D.G.'s job (a labor of love) to keep the blog "alive".
Get it?

dusince59 said...

DG: Thanks very much for all you do for the Pios.

du78 said...

Another great article by DJ.

Anonymous said... must like reading the blog. DG will wipe the floor with you.