Matt Carle's Twitter Campaign Benefits Children

(above) DU alum Matt Carle's Twitter campaign will benefit the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

From: Bleacher Report
by Dominic Perilli

Twitter is a very powerful tool that, if used correctly, could provide a lot of benefits for celebrities and professional athletes.

Oftentimes, celebs and other A-listers have hundreds of thousands if not millions of followers on Twitter; many like to advertise products for sponsorships, but then there are those select few who like to help out the less fortunate through the social media giant.

Philadelphia Flyers’ defenseman Matt Carle took to Twitter to help out the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

If Carle can acquire 10,000 followers by the end of the regular season (April 9th for the Flyers), he will donate $10,000 to CHOP.

A lot of you have Twitter and it only takes a few seconds to potentially help out thousands. So even if you’re a Flyers fan or not, head over to Carle’s page and help out!

As of right now, Carle has around 7,200 followers! Please forward this info around the DU and college hockey community.


dggoddard said...

Check out Carle's recent Twitter. He congratulated DU on winning the Gold Pan and mentioned that "CC Sucks."

Bozak also jumped into the act.

dggoddard said...

Follow Chevy on Twitter...!/chevdawgy

Aluuun said...

Matt has always been a class act. Also, he was key in getting us those two national championships. I will never forget that 6 on 3 in Boston.