DU Pep Band At Sunbelt Conference Tourney

(above) The DU Men's basketball team was upset by #6 seeded Florida International on Saturday night

(above) The DU Pep Band performed with the other Sunbelt Conference bands on Saturday in Hot Springs, Arkansas
DU Hoops tips off at 7:40 PM MT Saturday against Florida International in the 1st round of the Sunbelt Conference Tournament.


dggoddard said...

A pretty horrible season ends for the Men's Hoops team. 3-9 record in non-conference games.

DU made a nice run during the conference schedule that almost saw the Pioneers win the West Division. And attendance was up, although the numbers appeared to be rigged by ticket giveaways and phantom crowd numbers.

But last night DU scored 12 points in the first half. Must have been painful to watch.

With CU hoops on the upswing and bringing in big-time opponents, I can't image that DU joining the WAC will make any difference.

puck swami said...

DU was really hurt by injuries this year to three of their top players - Rob Lewis (out all year) with nerve issues, Andrew Hooper's concussion killed DU down the stretch, and Trevor Noonan was limited in his effectivenss for a big chunk of the the season due to a serious virus he contracted that made him lose 20 pounds and weeks of development.

Had those 3 guys been healthy, I think DU would have been a much better team. With only 8 or 9 guys getting real PT in this sport, your better guys need to be available, and DU's just weren't.

Crowd strides were made. While I agree that crowds aren't what DU says they are, they are certainly better than they were.

Perhaps DU overrached in the toughness of the non-league slate, but I do think DU would have been much better there with less injury.

The Hallams, Stafford, Thalken, Udofia and Noonan are a pretty good nucleus for next year. If either Rob Lewis or Hooper can play (or decide) to play for DU as grad students, thet would really help the Pioneers, too.