DU Womens Hoops Faces BYU In N.I.T.

(above) Kaetlyn Murdoch,  Britteni Rice and Brianna Colberson

Led by Junior Kaetlyn Murdoch, the University of Denver women's basketball team was selected to the Women's National Invitational Tournament on Thursday evening (7:30 PM) against B.Y.U. at the Marriott Center in Provo, Utah.

The Pioneers capped off a successful 19-11 season including going 12-2 in Magness Arena. DU had three players average double figures during the regular season, Murdoch, Brianna Colberson and Britteni Rice.  All three players were voted on the All-SBC Team.

Since coming to DU, Murdoch has been among the national leaders in field goal percentage each of her three seasons.  She's a two-time All-SBC First Team player and SBC Freshman of the Year in 2008-09.

If the Pioneers advance, they will play the winner of Utah State and Arizona.


dggoddard said...

Congrats to the Hoopsters. Beat B.Y.U.

puck swami said...

Good for them.

This team has done a great job, considering the sudden and tragic death of the coach Johnson's 4 year old son from a rare intestinal condition last May.


vizoroo said...

It appears Joe Scott is NOT the best basketball coach at DU. ;-)

Aluuum said...

How many years has it been now that Scott is getting paid more than Gwoz, 4? 5?.
How many months will it be before gwoz. says enough of this insult. hello Mich. State

Anonymous said...

couple ways to slice it:
1. One argument says that the flagship sports coach at a school should always be paid the most money. If you follow that line, Gwoz should be hands down the highest paid. Hockey is the only sport that pays for itself at DU.

2. Another line of thinking says your most successful coach should be the highest paid. In that case, Andy LeRoy (Who is he?) is your man. Andy is the DU ski coach, and until last week, he was the 3 time defending NCAA champ.

3. A third line say you pay by sport importance nationally. In that case, Joe Scott is your highest paid guy. DU is around 150-200 (lower half) in hoops coach pay vs top 10 in hockey coach pay. Hoops coaches tend to have much shorter careers and have more pressure than hockey coaches do.

Aluuum said...

Will someone pleSEtell Gwoz thatScott has more pressure on him then Gwoz>