Mark Rycroft: Scooters On Broadway [S.O.B.]

(above) Pioneer alum Mark Rycroft and his father Al show off the Schwinns at Scooters on Broadway located near DU

What goes 55 miles per hour and gets 80 miles to the gallon? A brand new Schwinn scooter from Scooters on Broadway. Located less than three miles from the University of Denver campus, former Pioneer legend Mark Rycroft is managing the eco-friendly Schwinn scooter dealership.  The store also stocks  scooter related merchandise, parts, helmets and some very cool Scooters On Broadway [S.O.B.] t-shirts by Sportiqe Apparel.

Rycroft bleeds Crimson and Gold. After a storied career at the University of Denver and in the NHL with the St. Louis Blues and Colorado Avalanche, he married DU alum Dominique Cook, the sister of former DU hockey player Steven Cook and Senior Jon Cook.  Rycroft also keeps busy providing color commentary on the Pioneer radio broadcasts with Jay Stickney and Colorado Avalance games on Altitude.

With gas prices hovering around four bucks a gallon and no relief in sight, scooters pay for themselves within a few hundred miles.  Rycroft was drawn to Schwinns because of their reliability, low price points and unheard of four year warranties.

Stop by the dealership located at 2881 S. Broadway between Dartmouth and Yale to check out the products.  There's plenty of DU hockey paraphernalia on the walls from Rycroft's playing days.


dggoddard said...

Rycroft's father Al was no slouch on the ice. He once scored 100 points in a season for the EHL Syracuse Blazers.

dusince59 said...

Very good info. I will stop by to see their store

D.U. 61 said...

I've been to Mark's place. He has a great selection. If four bucks a gallon (heading towards 5) is giving you heartburn grab one his scooters and go four to five times as far on a gallon.

Justin said...

I lived down the hall from him in Towers... He was ALWAYS very friendly and courteous back in college. I cheered him on (more than others) because he was truly one of the good guys! I was in law school with Dominique and she was always very sweet. They make for a great couple. I think she played lacrosse for DU... not sure though.