Belichick & Pietramala - More Than Friends?

(above) John Hopkins lacrosse coach Dave Pietramala enjoys spending time with Bill Belichick
When the University of Denver faces Johns Hopkins University on Saturday, coach Tierney may have to factor in the influence of an NFL coaching legend.

Turns out that New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick is a big lacrosse fan. A new story reveals how Belichick follows the game. The Baltimore-based site Press Box Online has a story detailing the "relationship" between Belichick and Johns Hopkins lacrosse coach Dave Pietramala. In it, Pietramala and Belichick talk like a couple of giddy schoolgirls about each other.

“The first time I ever spoke with him, we spoke on the phone, and our conversation lasted almost an hour,” Pietramala said brethlessly. “All I wanted to do was talk to him about his world, about the NFL, and about the draft, the season and preparations — how they do things. Interestingly enough for me, all he wanted to hear about was what we were doing — and lacrosse, our season, the challenges we were facing, games we played. I got off the phone, and I could not have been more taken aback at what a regular guy he was.”

They finally met in person in 2006. During one of their phone conversations before the initial face-to-face, Belichick asked Pietramala whether he was going to be at the lacrosse Final Four, and understood when the Hopkins coach was unable to go with his team sitting at home after a 9-5 season.

"So what about the All-American banquet?" Belichick asked. "You know, I'm the keynote speaker.

Why don't we catch up and maybe grab something to eat?"

When Pietramala saw Belichick at the banquet, the future Canton, Ohio, resident was obviously busy … "he had everybody wanting his time." But afterward, they hopped in Pietramala's truck and headed to a hotel restaurant -- and it was as if they had been friends for years. They talked for hours, to the point that some of the dining room servers tried to shoo the pair away to close up shop for the night. 
Belichick also discusses his "relationship" with the Johns Hopkins coach.

“We have a good appreciation for each other and what we’re going through,” Belichick said. “The ups and downs as a team — no matter what sport it’s in, you still go through the same things. We talk about a lot of those things.”

“He’s been great,” Belichick said of Pietramala. “I really have a lot of respect for what he does. Just being down there during the games with him, and watching him in the locker room … watching the way he handles and prepares a team, I’ve learned a lot from that. He enjoys the practices, the film sessions, the meetings just as much as the game itself. That’s why he does such a great job with his team.”

When Belichick was an assistant with the Broncos in 1978, he played for the Denver Lacrosse Club to stay in shape.


dggoddard said...

Jets fans at Hofstra this weekend ain't going to like Hopkins now.

Anonymous said...

Belicheat is a worm.

Anonymous said...

I just saw you rabble rousing over on Lax Power DG. Nice work.

dggoddard said...

I just thought the great lacrosse fans of Long Island deserve to know the truth about the Hopkins lacrosse program and their unholy alliance with Hoodie...

Anonymous said...

Ron Mexico wants into this relationship in a bad way. Two tube steaks smothered in underwear is his dream.

Anonymous said...

The Lacrosse fans across North America need to know one thing.....CC SUCKS!

du78 said...

Gregoire (Traitoire) leaving UND for the NHL.

Anonymous said...

DU better make sure no one is taping their practices... Spygate III?

mexico said...

@ anon 2:01 and all that follow this punk:

At first I was flattered by your remarks but now I’m puzzled. I also might be a little afraid.

Why do I make your dick so hard? Is it my goofy smile or my dark piercing eyes or my strong yet safe embrace? I’m really dying to know.

Did we meet in a previous life? Did I pick you up on Colfax and send an extra $10 your way (you would have had to earn such a generous tip)?

Does your mom know you’re gay?

My heart is racing and my mind is numb.

Please reveal yourself!

Anonymous said...

Mex, stating that your mind is numb is not necessary since we all know you are a CC fan.

Anonymous said...

Mex is in the CC pep band where he sits first chair skin flute.

Anonymous said...

MA native/resident and DU grad here.

BB has forged friendships across the coaching spectrum. It doesn't suprise me to read this and see how he picks others brains. In the past he has regularly visited Urban Meyer at FL and Saban when he was at LSU. They would regularly swap strategys and teach each others their plays. For a while the Pats had a great pipeline of role players all lower draft picks or udfa from LSU.

Now what I find interesting is that BB played with the Denver Lacrosse Club in 78. Perhaps there is a picture out there of him playing against DU. I think the DLC was a regular oppenent of the lacrosse team back then. We need some detective work looking at old Clarions or yearbooks.

Anonymous said...

I'm also sure with the other 1/4 finals being held at Gillette Stadium is the reason this is topical. Weekend weather in the northeast is going to suck

Anonymous said...

CC doesn't have a pep band.

They get their pep from Ganja.