Catch All Lax Action This Weekend at LetsGoDU

To all our readers, the Blogger system was down for the past 24 hours. It is now back up and there will be lots of stories and photos from the DU/'Nova game, tailgating and campus activities this weekend.



Aluuum said...

The weather forcast for Sunday is moving in the wrong direction. Two days ago it was sunny and 70. yesterday it was 60 and cloudy. Now it is 55 and showers.
Stay tuned

Pioneers04 said...

Hey DG did you see that a Domain Goddard got fired from his job for tweeting about Sean Avery.


Damian Goddard was fired for tweeting up in Canada.

Hard to believe I'm the last DG standing after all the venom I've spewed over the years.

Amy said...

Will radio or pioneer vision be available for the game? I was checking pioneer vision but I didn't see any link up for the game, only the post game conference.