Clarion Article Discusses School Spirit At DU

(above) Joey Leon tackles the subject of school spirit in an editorial in the Clarion this week
From: DU Clarion
by Joey Leon

School spirit. You know, that crazy thing that prompts students to wear their institution's shirts, scream at games and attend all the athletic events they can?

School spirit should be defined as the emotional support of one's institution. So where is this emotional support for the University of Denver?

A few years ago, DU's school spirit was comprised of screaming at hockey games, and then completely ignoring every other sport until they won a championship.

However, in the past three years I have seen a dramatic change in the mindset of students about school spirit on this campus [read entire article].


Anonymous said...

Is that Great Brittain in the photo on the link?

dggoddard said...

I noticed that as well. Hard to tell without his signature mohawk.

I'd say it is...

Anonymous said...

It sure is!

Anonymous said...

That's him. Most of the hockey team was there on Sunday, and so was Tyler Bozak, in town for a visit.

With some star Canadians on the lax team (Matthews, Flint, Noble), I am sure there must be some good friendships between Hockey and Lax teams.

Anonymous said...

I saw Jay Z in attendance too.
Any word on what kind of Sticks Jay Z is using?