Lacrosse Fans Meet Boone In Baltimore

(above) Andrew Fielding took this great photo of Boone and some kids outside the stadium with their lacrosse sticks
(above) Boone was confident pre-game
(above) Fans of every school wanted to have their photo taken with Boone
(above) Denver fans outside the stadiun
(above) Colorado was well represented in Baltimore
(above) DU's youngest lacrosse fan poses with Boone
(above) Boone clowns around with a young Virginia fan in the streets of Baltimore


dggoddard said...

Denver T-shirts were the first to sell out, outside the stadium. A lot of fans obviously wanted to cheer for the underdog.
Thousands of fans wished Boone luck as he walked the half mile to the stadium before the game.
It was estimated that there around 1,000 DU fans, alums, students and family were in the stadium. Attendance was around 40,000.
Boone probably posed for 200-300 photos with lacrosse fans yesterday. He was very popular.
More photos to follow.

Anonymous said...

Boone rocked Baltimore.

Anonymous said...

Official attendence was 45,000+. It was a tremendous event. DU fans turned out and made noise.