DU Lacrosse Coaching Staff Shakeup

(above) Bill Tierney announced some major changes on the DU coaching staff yesterday
The University of Denver athletic department announced a surprising reorganization of the men's lacrosse coaching staff yesterday. Assistant coach Matt Brown has been promoted to associate head coach, while volunteer assistant coach Dylan Sheridan has been named the second assistant. Assistant coach Trevor Tierney will step down as a full-time coach to become the Pioneers' volunteer assistant.

The announcement comes just three weeks after the Pioneers amazing run to the 2011 NCAA Lacrosse Championship weekend.  DU's website has a detailed explanation with interviews of all involved.  Check it out.


Anonymous said...

Trevor is a smart Princeton graduate with a multi-faceted personality who was probably getting itchy to do other things and make some more money now that he's been out in the real world for a while. Probably tough to be with your legendary Dad for 12 hours a day (or more) , too.

Assistant lacrosse coaching is long hours and not so great money. He'll probably enjoy it more as a sideline, and his comments about not wanting to be a full time coach are telling. The big ah-ha here is the virtual annointing of Matt Brown as the successor to Bill Tierney. Matt is a great young coach, and I'm sure there has been interest in him from other schools as a potential coach. Better to lock him up with a promotion and a raise now.

dggoddard said...


You have to think that Matt Brown got some serious offers after the season and DU wanted to lock him up.

As it is the DU coaching staff is amazing. Trevor's lacrosse resume is world class.

Matt Brown has evolved in to an offensive guru.

And the old man is a lacrosse warlock.

Anonymous said...


It is time for LAX to have their own webpage. You are taking up to much valuable space in place of the revenue sport known as hockey.

Jordan said...

To be fair, it does say "LetsGoDU Sports Blog," not "Hockey Blog."

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I've got two words for you: "shut up". What a stupid complaint.

Anonymous said...

Wake up, 11:19. DU is becoming a national lax power, and for most of us DU hockey fans, this is a great addition to the DU fan experience as a spring revenue sport. Lax has growing national profile, and DU played in front of 45,000 people in Baltimore. This is getting bigger all the time. Within a few years, DU could be drawing 5,000 or more for lax games. The same things that attract many of us to hockey attract many of of us to lax - scoring, hitting, goaltending, hand-eye moves, etc.

There is no reason DU can't have multiple revenue sports, and no reason why DG shouldn't publicize them here.

Finally, I want every DU team to be successful and as well known as possible- it's our school. Anything that improves school spirit and game attendence/fan engagememt is a great thing.

mexico said...

@ 11:19

You know what the boys in the band would say...

dggoddard said...

How many extra incoming Freshmen are considering DU because of the lacrosse program?

Not only students who hope to walk onto the team, but those who might be considering DU because of NY Times articles or publicity from the lacrosse program.

At $45,000 per student, per year it only takes a couple of students to fund the lacrosse program at DU.

As far as revenue is concerned, DU is probably making money on lacrosse. If not now, very soon.

Anonymous said...

Do they say "keep your frickin hands off my skin flute Ron Mexico?". Or "why does Mexico stalk another schools blog?"

Scott said...

@ 11:19
You must not know how cool it was to be on campus this past year and see our very own lacrosse team thrive. It is ridiculous to see that people are not supportive of any pioneer sport. THIS IS A LETSGODU BLOG. we should be discussing every single sport that our Pioneers play in. I came to Denver knowing that the big rah-rah sport to cheer for was hockey.And going to those hockey games as a student was pathetic. I am someone with a lot of spirit and it was a very weak crowd at the hockey games. And I am sorry for that.
it is more than exciting to see other sports have success.
DU is now on the map in lacrosse. every young kid that plays lacrosse and watched that tournament will now recognize DU as a final four contender. This opens the eyes for many young people and they will only see DU as a competitor. I am so excited to see where DU is going in the world of sports and as a College.

(it is sorry that i had to talk about this instead of making a comment on the post)

mexico said...

@ anon 2:12

I'm not sure I would use the work stalk.

Imaws Kcup said...

...adding one more vote to the "i enjoy lacrosse coverage on this blog and want 11:19 to shut up" side

du78 said...

First seven 2012 Lax recruits from laxpower.com. First LI kid for Tierney.

Barbe, Reed Suffield CT Suffield Academy CT Attack/​Midfield

Karole, Patrick Glen Ridge NJ Montclair Kimberley Academy NJ Defense

Cunningham, Jordan Atlanta GA Lovett School GA Defense

Clippinger, Jack Ridgefield CT Salisbury School CT Midfield/​FO

Hampton, Chris Bethesda MD Georgetown Prep MD Midfield

Gigantiello, Joe Shamong NJ St. Augustine Prep NJ Goalie

Moore, Thomas West Islip NY West Islip NY Attack

Anonymous said...