Photos: Boone Visits Coors Field & Colorado Rockies

Last Saturday Boone was invited to Coors Field by the Colorado Rockies baseball club.  Rookiefest was a kids event immediately before the Colorado Rockies vs. Detroit Tigers baseball game.

Boone posed for photos with Denver's other mascots including Dinger (Dinosaur/Rockies), Rocky (Mountain Lion/Nuggets), Miles (Horse/Broncos) and Jorge (Racoon/Rapids) as well as many fans and DU alumni.

Click on photo above to see individual photos.


Anonymous said...

Great to see Boone out in the community as well as at DU games.

dggoddard said...

Great year for Boone.

We have a new student lined up to perform next Fall.

Boone's next appearance will likely be the opening of the 2011-12 soccer season against Creighton on Saturday, Aug 27th.

Boone will fly to Boston to kick off the hockey season against Boston College and Boston University.

Anonymous said...

Is there a send Boone to the Tour de France fund? I got $100 on it. Picturing Boone running up the Alpe D'Huez waving a Colorado flag next to Tom Danielson from Boulder on national TV.


CO14ers said...

I love the send Boone to the Tour de France idea. As an avid fan of cycling and the Tour in particular, I volunteer to be the man in the costume if I get an all expenses paid trip. :)

Anonymous said...

Just being at Coors, rubbing elbows with PAID and endorsed and known and loved professional mascots.... is epic for Boone....... who - lets be honest - started as a thought in someone's imagination. Let's not forget that. GREAT. We sent Ruckus away in shame. The people voted and spoke... and here is Boone at Coors Field. My only request is to have Boone at every DU Hockey game. Even if it's a fill-in wearing the've came so far with the program..... now it's time to step it up and make your presence known