Boone Featured In Lacrosse Magazine Photo

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July issue Lacrosse Magazine
Last weekend we mentioned that Boone was featured in a full-page photo in the July issue of Lacrosse Magazine.  We scanned the magazine photo.

The caption reads:
University of Denver fans savor the host Pioneers 13-10 victory over Villanova May 15 in the first NCAA Tournament game held west of the Mississippi River.  The game drew 2,575 fans, a Peter Barton Stadium record."


Anonymous said...

Right into 300,000 lacrosee player homes across America.


While hockey is our flagship spectator sport, I'd argue right now that lacrosse generated far more national media attention then hockey did. Hockey generates more local and regional media, but national media? It's Lax.

If DU can build the lax spectator experience to what we saw vs Villanova (Band, Mascot, Dance Team and a sellout crowd) in the NCAA, this would be epic.

dggoddard said...

I think its very important to note that the Athletic Department and Administration stepped up in a big way to support the new hockey conference.

Hiring consultants, forming the infrastructure of the conference and building consensus among the six universities didn't come cheaply.

The "DU Lacrosse Miracle" didn't come cheaply either.

The school is stepping up in a big way and showing other smaller universities that you don't need to plow millions after millions into money losing football programs.

Make no mistake, smaller football programs like Rice, Colorado State, Tulane lose millions on football. Consequently they don't have the resources to win in their other sports.