Duluth Hockey Star Arrested After Cop Scuffle

(above) Bad, Bad J.T. Brown went from Frozen Four hero to fleeing & scuffling with police outside Grandma's in Duluth last month

From: Duluth News-Tribune
by Mark Stodghill

The rookie of the year on the University of Minnesota Duluth’s national championship men’s hockey team has been summoned to appear in St. Louis County District Court on charges that he gave a false name to a peace officer and attempted to flee police during an incident at Grandma’s Sports Garden.

Joshua Thomas “J.T.” Brown of Burnsville, Minn., is charged with a gross misdemeanor and a misdemeanor after allegedly giving Duluth police another man’s Minnesota driver’s license as identification when he entered Grandma’s Sports Garden about 11:30 p.m. June 18, Grandma’s Marathon race day.

Brown, who was the most valuable player in the NCAA Frozen Four this year, turned 21 on July 2, two Saturdays after the bar incident that got him in trouble.

According to the criminal complaint:

The officer who checked Brown’s identification could tell from the driver’s license photograph that he wasn’t the same person. When the officer asked Brown what his name was, the hockey player gave the name of the person listed on the driver’s license. He also provided the address of the person listed on the driver’s license as his address.

The officer asked Brown to sign his name. Brown obliged but said that it might not be the same because he had had a few drinks. The officer told Brown that the signature didn’t match, the facial photo didn’t match and that he didn’t know who he was. He was going to have to transport him to the St. Louis County Jail until he could be identified by his real name.

Police said that Brown eventually stated that his name was “J.T.” He then provided his last name. He was asked what the J.T. stood for. He said it didn’t stand for anything. It was just J.T., he said.

The officer told Brown that if he cooperated he would be given a citation for a city ordinance violation that would not go on his criminal record; he could just pay a fine and be done with the matter.

While the officer was writing the citation and talking to dispatch, Brown allegedly ran around the officer and tried to exit the front doors. The officer reached out and grabbed Brown by the back of his jacket. Brown was able to break the hold and went through the doors directly into another officer. He changed direction and started running down the sidewalk but an officer was able to grab onto his sweat shirt.

An officer reported that Brown flailed his arms while spinning in a circle. An officer pulled Brown’s sweat shirt over his head and was able to get him in a bear hug and take him to the ground.

Two officers put Brown’s hands behind his back as he continued to squirm and try to get off the ground. One officer kneeled on Brown in the mid-back area and another kneeled on his shoulder to hold him down while handcuffs were applied.

Brown, the son of former Minnesota Vikings running back Ted Brown, has been summoned to appear in court on Aug. 18. He couldn’t be reached for comment on Wednesday.

“We are aware of the situation and we’ll deal with it appropriately at the right time,” UMD hockey coach Scott Sandelin said.


vizoroo said...

Had been way too quiet this summer on the Bad Boyz front.

dggoddard said...

I'd credit improved fake ID technology for the lack of incidents this summer.

Clearly Mr. Brown got unlucky just two weeks before his 21st birthday.

Hopefully the judge is a college hockey fan and will dismiss the case if Brown sticks around to play in the "National" Conference.

Anonymous said...

what a fool

mexico said...

I gave a fake ID to a cop once in college. Risky business…

Ring_of_Fire said...


One thing that was drilled into my head early in my college career was that, no matter the circumstance, it's ALWAYS better to face the underage drinking rap than to face the falsifying identification rap.

To that end, I believe a quick public service announcement particularly geared towards students is in order:

NEVER, NEVER, NEVER give a cop your fake ID. NEVER! I don't care how good it is or how well you've memorized the information on it, giving a cop your fake ID can only end badly...

mexico said...

I would hate to think what else was drilled into your head early in your college career... :(

Anonymous said...

That spin move was perfected by his Dad, Ted “flailing arms” Brown.

Anonymous said...

Come on he was arrested after trying to flee police, he never touched them. Quit trying to sugar coat everything for Denver fans and any other idiots that read your stupid blog and believe it

Anonymous said...

let the games begin!

ScottA said...

I'm guessing JT gave the cops the ID of a white guy....oops. Too many Grain Belts will do that to ya. Here's hoping he can put it behind him and get back to playing great hockey. (saw him at F4, he was stellar)