Lax Magazine Features Full-Page Boone Photo

(above) Boone appears in a full-page photograph in the July issue of Lacrosse Magazine

The July, 2011 issue of Lacrosse Magazine [Page 67] features a full-page photo of DU's unofficial mascot Boone and DU Sophomore Sam White. The photo was taken during DU's thrilling 13-10 victory over Villanova in the NCAA Tournament. Lacrosse Magazine is the official monthly publication of U.S. Lacrosse and has a circulation of over 300,000 players, coaches, parents and fans.

It was a pretty incredible year for DU's unofficial mascot Boone.  He flew to Minnesota twice in hockey related activities.  Boone met hundreds of alumni and their children at the NCAA Lacrosse Final Four in Baltimore.  He followed the DU swimming and diving team to the Sunbelt Championships in Denton, Texas.  He also appeared at DU's introduction to the WAC at Magness Arena.  And performed a skit with the Pioneer Dance Team during halftime of a DU basketball game

Boone was featured on two ESPN telecasts of DU lacrosse playoff games as well as an ESPN lacrosse music video promo.  DU's mascot was interviewed during a timeout on the Jumbotron of the Baltimore Ravens Stadium during the Lax Championships.  He also appeared on Coors Field with other Colorado mascots before a Rockies baseball game.

Most important, the student who ran the Boone Program flew to Minneapolis to deliver a giant Get-Well Card to injured hockey player Jesse Martin, signed by thousands of DU hockey fans, students and players. Martin had suffered a catastrophic neck injury that required surgery.  Miraculously Martin recovered from the injury.


dggoddard said...

Lacrosse Magazine has literally thousands of photos posted on their website and they chose this photo of Sam & Boone for their Championship Edition.

Pretty amazing.

Anonymous said...

This is great. For a sport and a school that lacks large African-American interest, this is a great shot for DU, Boone and the sport.

Boone is making a difference. Great year!

Anonymous said...

Boone was also featuerd in multiple DU athletic deaprtment promotional videos, including the most recent one for the new NCHC.

The athletic department knows that Boone adds value and spirit.

Anonymous said...

Now if we could just get Boone to show up for the DU home hockey games. Sad when the pep band is there more often than the mascot.

Anonymous said...

Great photo album by lax magazine.