US News & World Report Ranks DU Ahead Of CU

Three Colorado colleges are ranked among the top 100 universities in the nation by U.S. News &World Report.

In the marquee "national universities" category, Colorado School of Mines was the highest-rated Colorado university tied for No. 75 with five other institutions while University of Denver was at No. 82 and the University of Colorado at Boulder tied for No. 94.
"Far and away, DU has one of the most beautiful campuses I've seen. It's even a certified arboretum. The size is pretty good. It's small enough that you'll get a good deal of individual attention, and professors will most often know you. However, it's also large enough to have access to many of the resources that larger colleges get. If you're into any sort of performing arts, the Newman Center offers some fantastic facilities. DU is also only a few minutes away from Downtown Denver, which is brimming with cultural activities--art, music, theatre, and so on. Studying abroad is huge for DU students. Roughly 70% of our undergrads go abroad at some point, and thanks to the Cherrington Global Scholars program, it doesn't cost anything more than studying at DU. The one main complaint is that school spirit is rather low, but we expect this to be remedied with the return of our old mascot, Boone, who was retired in 1999." - Kevin DU Freshman


Anonymous said...

#82 is as high as DU has ever been in these rankings, and it's clear that school is improving in terms of its selectivity and national reputation. The hard part is that the other schools contiue improve as well, so breaking into the top 50 someday soon is a pretty tall order.

There are over 3,000 higher education insitutions in America, and a motivated student can get get a great education at most of them.

That said, for DU to be in the top 100 is a nice place to be.

dggoddard said...

Thanks for the info.

DU is a small school, so it should be easier to move up the rankings compared to the massive state schools.

DU has a record size Freshman class, improving rankings according to USN&WR and our athletics teams are performing at all-time levels.

Its a great to be a DU Pioneer.

Anonymous said...

Being ranked above CU should be the MINIMUM standard for DU. The aspirations should be much higher than that. I know there are a lot of great schools out there, but I'd love to see DU someday break out of this 75-95 zone, and get into the 60's, perhaps into the 50's someday. I know rankings are kinda arbitrary and stupid in some ways. But the kids pay attention to them, so hopefully DU will continue to increase its selectivity and raise its profile.

Anonymous said...

Selectivity is always a bit tough as you ascend into higher levels of academic competition.

Undergrad Applications to DU are up 101% over the last 5 years, so DU is doing a nice job getting the word out. And incoming test scores are rising each year too, and with incoming students SAT averaging 1100-1200 SAT scores.
with the average HS GPA of a DU student hovers around 3.7 - very respectable.

That said, DU is in a very competitive applicant pool now - DU generates about 9-10,000 applications for 1,400 freshman class spots, but these 10,000 kids who are applying are mostly very good students who can also get in to other good schools. DU needs to accept about 70% of them just to get 18% of them to actually enroll here.

The best thing DU can do about this is continuing to generate more applications so they can turn down more kids. Sounds cruel, but if they want to move up in US News rankings, they need 15,000-20,000 applications on the front end.

Aluuum said...

We owe it all to one guy--Dan Ritchie. The year that they dumped Smith and installed Dan the school was slowly going down the toilet. It's demise was a possibility. His turn around feat was truly amazing, and is continuing under present leadership.

vizoroo said...

"The one main complaint is that school spirit is rather low, but we expect this to be remedied with the return of our old mascot, Boone, who was retired in 1999."
Kevin Freshman

Surprised you didn't see this in the comments. Kevin has already gotten the spirit!

dggoddard said...

Nice catch Viz. Boone gets a shout out in USN&WR. Solid.

Anonymous said...

DU is still not part of the Association of American Universities (AAU).

Getting noncompetitive/corporate money is much easier than competitive research money.


Anonymous said...

Of course DU is not in AAU. DU, like many smaller privates, DU is all about teaching first, research second.

Big schools are better suited to research. Most small schools aren't.

Anonymous said...

The chancellor said that Boone was never announced as an official mascot of the student body, and that the rumor that Boone was official is untrue by all means. Who started that rumor?

dggoddard said...

The "rumor" was posted on Facebook by several people who were student senators. I heard the Clarion is working on story about the situation.

Boone's legend is just growing by the day.

I guess we'll just have to see what Coombes-By-Ya My Lord has to say on the matter.