Happy Halloween To PioNation

(above) The pumpkin that launched an entire nation
For those that don't know the entire story...

A DU Alum from Atlanta emailed LetsGoDU this photo on "Pumpkin Boone" in 2008.  The Boone controversy was heating up on campus eventually resulting in Chancellor Coombe decision that "Boone would not become the official mascot of the University of Denver."

After Coombe's controversial decision, the alum emailed me again and said, "Lets just build a Boone mascot anyway."

So we published an article and asked for donations. 25 alums, students and fans sent in checks totaling $4,800.  The Boone mascot was designed, built and purchased from a company in Toronto in time for the 2009 Frozen Four in Washington DC.

As as Boonemania sweeps across the nation, know that a simple carved Halloween pumpkin led to the building of the Boone mascot costume.

Happy Halloween PioNation.


Aluuum said...

Keep rolling. We've killed the chicken but need more progress on getting Boone official.

Anonymous said...

I think there were some rumblings about the mascot as far back as 2005 and Mannino was beating the Boone drum between 06 and 08 with his mask, etc.

But I am so glad Boone is doing so well...

dggoddard said...

Thats true about Mannino.

Lets just say that the Pumpkin was responsible for building the costume.

Brad said...

Great pumpkin!

Is Boone still not "official"? My interacts with DU people is limited to this site and the team coming to Duluth.

It's certainlly better than that dirty bird.

Rich said...

The Chancellor's letter opened the door when he said "it seems reasonable that students and alumni be allowed to use the image as a celebration of that past, to the extent that they may choose."

Lots of institutions have "unofficial" mascots, most of which are student run. It made no sense to keep arguing with the ivory tower, instead it made sense to work within the boundaries that DU itself created (in writing).

Kudos to those who threw a little coin behind the idea and to those who continue to support the effort (the costume needs upkeep and his caretakers need training).

Anonymous said...


How did CC miss out on this guy!? Seems like a perfect fit. Maybe he's not into gang-bangs.