George Gwozdecky Radio Show Highlights


"A couple of weeks ago [after Duluth series?] the Captains held a players only meeting that lasted over an hour. Missed an entire practice, but hashed out a lot issues including selfish play, winning one-on-one battles, improving effort & playing roles."

"Adam Murray is injured and likely will not return until mid-January"

"John Ryder fractured his kneecap and may not return until January or later"

"Sam Brittain should return in mid-January"


Anonymous said...

Dammit, terrible news about Murray and Ryder. Although I suspected Murray might be out for a while, missing Ryder is huge. We got a lot of youngsters on D, some of whom are gifted offensively. They will have to play some seriously responsible D over the next couple of months. Now our only "tough guy" on D is Mayfield, who doesn't have the knack yet for delivering the big hits without going to the box. Best wishes to Ryder and Murray on their recoveries.

dggoddard said...

Best wishes to Murray, Ryder & Brittain.

Obviously Murray has been nursing an injury all season.

Think back to the season when the coaches rolled the dice with Chevy and Paulgaard. A long term injury to Chevy that season would have been devastating.

Lets hope that Juho steps up. He's getting an amazing opportunity.

Anonymous said...

Let's see where the Olki Express takes us. At least, to this point, it doesn't appear it will be right off the tracks and into a ravine. Thankfully Gwoz made the right call on bringing in Olki...not sure I could imagine having to ride Hope for an extended time. Goalie injuries are always tough to overcome and two injured goalies is generally a killer for a college team. Let's just count our blessings this Thanksgiving for having Olki and cheer on our Pios.

Anonymous said...

Injuries happen in hockey, and I think these injuries actually could help the Pios at this point.

First, rolling 6 d-men in defined pairings is easier than rolling 7 into ad-hoc pairings. This also gives more ice time to the freshmen, which will pay off down the road.

Second, the goaltending is now up to Juho who is statistically better than Murray, and he can relax and run with the job until Brittain gets back.

Finally, the team probably plays with more urgency when guys need to fill the holes. Adversity reveals character.

old pio said...

Some of us (myself included) may need to reset what we've said and thought about Adam Murray. The kid has evidently tried to play through an injury. Yet some of us have posted comments that came awfully close to implying it's a good thing he's out of the lineup. In light of what we know now, some of us owe the kid an apology. Let's hope all three injured Pioneers get back into the lineup soon.

du78 said...

Props to Miller and Lalonde for being able to find the Finn with little time before the season started. For Murray no injury to a goalie can be worse than a groin. He has battled this injury since training camp and it finally came to a head last weekend. This kid wants nothing more to do than win and probably should have not been playing with this injury but didn't want to let the team down with Sam being sidelined. I just hope everyone is healthy for the 2nd half push.

Anonymous said...

On the up-side, they should be doubly-stacked and ready to beat some playoff ass in the Spring