DU Football Played in 1947 Alamo Bowl

(above) DU dropped football after the 1960 season
From: The Olympian

On Dec. 29th the University of Washington will face Baylor in the Alamo Bowl in San Antonio.

The Alamo Bowl that was started in 1993 was not San Antonio’s first attempt to bring postseason college football to south Texas. A game scheduled to be played on Jan. 1, 1947 – also called the Alamo Bowl – pitted Hardin-Simmons against the University of Denver. It was delayed three days by an ice storm, and when the weather finally thawed at the 23,000-seat Alamo Stadium, the crowd of 3,370 fell far below the expected turnout of 10,000. Organizers took a financial bath, and the Alamo Bowl was one-and-done. (By the way, for those who think there are too many bowl games nowadays, the 1947 postseason was cluttered with the likes of such bowls as the Delta, Dixie, Grape, Great Lakes, Harbor, Raisin and Salad. None would survive beyond 1951.)


Anonymous said...

DU also played in the Sun Bowl (El Paso) and the Pineapple Bowl (Honolulu) in that late 40s/early 50s era.

old pio said...

Former Houston Oilers head coach Hugh Campbell told me that he thinks he cought the last TD pass against DU, ever. IIRC, it was a home game. Campbell was a pretty good wideout for the University of Washington.