Denver 3 - Bemidji State 2 FINAL

“Tonight’s game was as great a team win as we’ve had in quite a while, for sure all year long."
-George Gwozdecky
Drew Shore didn't dress on Saturday night due to a "lower body injury," but somehow the University of Denver pulled out another improbable victory. The Pioneers came from behind to defeat Bemidji State 3-2 thanks in part to Jason Zucker.

Zucker  had a goal and two assists, Joey Laleggia had three assists and Juho Olkinoura played another great game in goal.

DU's Lineup
Zucker - N. Shore - Knowlton
Loney - Tabrum - Salazar
Larazza - Ostrow - Jackson
Jacobson - Dewhurst - Doremus

Phillips - Mayfield
Laleggia - Lee



dggoddard said...

According to the Denver Post:

"Drew Shore's injury isn't serious, after blocking a shot Friday night."

Zac Larraza suffered a mild concussion after being checked from behind by a Bemidji player.

DU is hoping to get Ryder & Brittain back within two weeks.

Makowski could be out day to day or be month to month. Not sure his injury had been made public yet.

Bennett's wrist surgery recovery could take a while.

How big are these injuries? You could easily see DU starting a game with a line-up of:

Bennett - Shore - Larraza
Makowski - Ryder

miller said...

The was one of the strangest games I have ever seen. Once again, the officiating was questionable. Too many non-calls and I don't see how the Mayfield hit was a game miscounduct.

With three defensemen left my wife turned to me and said "I guess Dewherst will have to play defense!"

LeLeggia,Zucker,Loney and Knowlton stepped up tonight.

Two weeks rest and getting Sam, Drew, David and John back will give the team a chance down the stretch.

I don't look for Beau to come back until the end of February.

old pio said...

Terrific win. And Gwoz evidently thought so too, with his post game comments (I was reminded of what Ditka once said about George Halas during contract negotiations: "He throws nickels around like manhole covers.") Gwoz isn't one to lay it on thick, and fist pumps are about as rare as whooping cranes.

Having a week off can only help in terms of injuries. But there are far too many of those. I can't recall a year with so many key people hurting at the same time.

Anyway, a gritty, gutty series, coming back both nights for the sweep.

Ring_of_Fire said...

Interesting situation...

So, over the PA, Mayfield's penalty was announced as a 5:00 major for checking from behind (without the associated game misconduct). So, in between periods, a guy in my section went and asked the official scorer what was up.

(we sit in section 13, next to the Crimson Club, so sneaking up to talk to game officials isn't out of the question...)

Anyway. He was told that Mayfield was NOT issued a game misconduct. However, as we know, Mayfield did not return.

Now, I always thought that CFB was an "either, or" penalty...i.e., either a 2:00, OR a 5:00 and a game misconduct. I didn't think that ONLY a 5:00 major was an option.

Anyone know for certain how the rule reads?

Because if Mayfield was only issued a 5:00 major (without the attendant game misconduct), then George must have decided that his night was over after his ill-advised (and somewhat retaliatory-looking) hit.


Chris said...

to R_O_F:

Boarding can be either a 2 or 5...however, checking from behind is basically an automatic 5 and the only option for the refs is to decide whether there was intent to injure (which is a judgement call) if it is judged as if there was no intent then it is a game misconduct (done for the remainder but available next game) but if it is decided that there was some form of intent to injure then it is a DQ which includes an automatic one game suspension for your first DQ.

The second DQ of the season for a particular player is an automatic 2 game suspension...a 3rd DQ suspends the offender for the rest of the WCHA season, though the offender could return for NCAA tourney play because the 3rd DQ rule is WCHA-only.

That's basically it.

Nincompoop said...

Did you not see who the Referee was?? Never mind Gene Simmons; I'm talking about The Shepherd Family Jewels. They tend to rear their ugly heads at the most in opportune times, and Ufck up a game when you least expect it. The good news is, there is an end in sight. Those 3 clowns will not be seen or heard from once the NCHC kicks off. Until then, DU and CC are stuck with this ridiculous, highly corrupted officiating family. Have fun with them, WCHA!

Jordan said...

Mayfield's hit was going be called 5 after the Bemidji player's hit was called. I was sitting in the corner where it happened, and while Scotty's hit might have otherwise been 2, the fact that it was the 2nd in the game, clearly from behind, they're probably always going to give 5 for that.

I try not to ever question a call-either way- if it's a player safety penalty. That's the refs' #1 job. As hard as I am on the league refs, those are the calls I'm hardest on them for when they miss them. So I won't question checking from behind, boarding, etc. I'd rather those get overcalled than missed.

They did miss a pretty blatant CFB against Lee behind the goal line with about 50 seconds to go.

Twister said...

Glad DU got the sweep. Much needed. I hate to admit it, though, I missed the game to watch that Broncos mess of a contest.