DU Hoops vs. Colorado State Tonight

DU @ CSU Basketball

Game Time/Date: 7:00 p.m. EST, Wednesday, Jan. 11, 2012

Location: Moby Arena, Fort Collins, CO

TV: The Mtn. - The MountainWest Sports Network
Comcast Digital Cable (411) & DirecTV (616) 


dggoddard said...

Big news. DU hoops will appear on ESPN or ESPN2 in Feb.

The DU/Middle Tennessee men's basketball game on Feb. 4 has been chosen as ESPN's Sun Belt Conference Wildcard game and will be televised live on ESPN or ESPN2. The game time has been changed to 2 p.m. MT from the originally scheduled 4 p.m. MT tip.

Nincompoop said...

Good luck to the Pioneers up there. So, does this mean the Magness ice been un-molested this week? No conversion crew action since last Saturday?? If so, that's actually good for BSU-DU. I don't like when they throw down the wood a few days (or even less than that) before a hockey game.

B said...

Does the mountain really not have HD coverage?? That was horrendous to watch.

dggoddard said...

CSU preails 79-75.

Tough loss for DU. They were able to get two of CSU's three big men to foul out, but by then, it was just a free throw shooting contest and DU wasn't able to close the gap.