Ruegsegger Hires Power Skating Coach

(above) DU Alum Tyler Ruegsegger is looking to improve his skating
by Doyle Woody

Not more than five minutes after most ECHL Alaska Aces home games, Tyler Ruegsegger emerges briskly from the team's dressing room at Sullivan Arena, still sweating from his night's labor, but still not done.

He wears compression shorts, with a loose pair of shorts over those, and a T-shirt. Invariably, Ruegsegger's clothing is all black -- he just likes black workout stuff. He usually holds a plastic drink container filled with a protein shake and shakes his wrist to mix the concoction as he heads down the hallway to the team's cramped gym [read entire article].


dggoddard said...

Very good article.

Ruegsegger's skating woes been a topic of conversation for years.

No one can question his heart, tenacity or courage.

Charlie said...

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