College Hockey News Offers Insight Into Injuries

From: College Hockey News
by Zach Helfand

At 10 a.m. Friday morning, six and a half hours before his team was scheduled to face off with Ferris State, Denver coach Geroge Gwozdecky sat down with six of his players after their morning skate, one-by-one.

For each player, Gwozdecky needed to make a decision: was he healthy enough to play?

All that was missing was a stethoscope [read entire article].


Aluuum said...

The first Ferris goal was scored because Zuck. couldn't use his body when fighting for the puck at mid ice. The ferris player skated it into a 2 on 1 with a pass and goal result. No fault to Zuck. The kid was in bad shape but had the guts to give it a go.

vizoroo said...

Big news for Florida. RT @chrismpeters: Per agent @muzz39, Denver junior Drew Shore has agreed to terms with the Florida Panthers

@corey pronman
NHL Draft/Prospects writer for Hockey Prospectus and ESPN.

Big news in not only is Shore a very good prospect, if he stayed another year, could have been lost to free agency.
Id say Drew Shore is ready to be an NHL regular right away or very soon, but not too familiar with the Panthers roster/needs.
I like his puck possession skills. Could have big Junior year. RT @tomjervis: @coreypronman Thoughts on his brother Nick?

Sad For DU Glad for Drew