DU's NCAA Playoff Media Guide

(above) DU's NCAA Playoff Media Guide


dggoddard said...

Looks like Beau Bennett (wrist) and defensman David Makowski (upper body) won't play this weekend according to the media guide.

Anonymous said...

ya. too bad. Fingers still crossed that they will have Conner James like returns in Tampa.

I thought Phillips was "lower body", but the article said upper body.

Some interesting stats...that are basically meaningless since it's playoff hockey now.

DU is 0-10-2 when scoring 2 or fewer goals.
DU is 25-3-2 when scoring 3 or more goals.

DU will almost certainly have to figure out a way to win a game when scoring 2 or fewer goals if they want to advance deep into the tournament.

One more thing that jumped out to me. We've probably all thought this year that we never score on penalty shots but our opponents always do. We were wrong! We scored a penalty shot 9 1/2 years ago. 11/30/02 by Jon Foster against Air Force.

We do have a fairly nice record when the opponent scores first: 6-10-2.

ScottA said...

Nice guide. Hopefully it's a handout to all DU fans in GB.