Tweets From Around PioNation-Playoff Edition


Anonymous said...

Interesting post by Beau. Hopefully he's being serious and not just f*'ing with my emotions (and/or the coaches at Ferris)

Aluuum said...

Only one more year of that counter productive WCHA tournament. We go up to ST.Paul, beat our brains out, limp back on Sunday and fly out to some indian outpost, two traffic light town on Wed. morning. GREAT!! We keep repeating the bad dream every year. Next year Gwoz. should call in sick. Tell the suits that his boys have a highly contagious disease.
The WCHA piles up the money, Wisconsin and Minnesota are local.Most of the other schools are a bus ride away.

I can't wait for our new NCHA foremat. If they put it in Omaha(centrally located) and limit it to two nights with four teams it will be a big improvement

Anonymous said...

Aluuum is a silly person.

Anonymous said...

Let me guess....the NCHC tourney will also will be counter productive if either a) DU doesn't win (if they do then its the best, right?); or b) it's not in Omaha or at Pepsi.

That useless tourney last week was some the best hockey I have seen in a long time. DU beats UND and they had a chance at a #1 seed...useless? Gwoz disagrees with you.

Dirvin said...

I totally agree with Aluuum. This is just like last year. If we had lost to Michigan Tech, we'd have virtually the same PWR, and still be in the National tournament with fresh, healthy players. Isn't that what happened in 2004 when we won the NC? Hell, I wish we could have forfeited the game to the Nodaks, so we could have been ready for the only tournament that really matters to me: the National Championship. I'm sick of losing to Nodak when we're missing ONE QUARTER of our team, and the remainder is gassed. What does that prove about either team?

dggoddard said...

In 2004 when we lost to CC in the first round, Connor James broke his leg, so injuries are going to happen one way or another.

DU is going to have one practice on Tuesday at Magness and one practice on Thursday in Green Bay.

DU is in excellent game shape with six games in nine days. Sam Brittain is probably the most rested DU starting goaltender ever. No classes and homework this week.

DU will be very rested all things considered. The injuries are a concern and concussions are taken a lot more seriously these days, so there's no getting around that.

Lastly, Michigan has played in something like 20 consecutive CCHA Final Fours and they usually win the NCAA Regionals each year.

Anonymous said...

We can't look past Ferris State. Remember RIT.

Anonymous said...

Ferris State is very dangerous. They are a MUCH better team than RIT was. They did win the regular season in arguably the toughest conference this year.

Although, they aren't a "name brand" and it's easy to look past them to Michigan. If we do, we'll be one-and-done without a doubt.

We might be one-and-done even if we play a really good game. It's obviously playoff hockey and if you don't score some early goals the other team will gain confidence and you're in for a real battle. I don't care who you are playing. Ferris State or Ferris Bueller.

dggoddard said...

DU is the underdog with the sportsbooks. That tells you all you need to know.

anonevermore said...

There is NO WAY DU will be looking past Ferris State. Some of our fans might, because they don't know a lot about the Ferris State program. But I'm sure that Gwoz will have the players absolutely locked in on the first game. Otherwise, we'll be one & done for sure. The only "easy" NCAA tournament games that I can remember for DU over the last 15 years were a 9-2 win vs. New Hampshire in the 90's, and the 7-3 win vs. CC in the 2005 Frozen Four. Otherwise, every game that DU has won in the NCAA tourney recently has been a hard fought battle.

dggoddard said...

Gwozdecky & FSU coach Bob Daniels go back 20 plus years.

Daniels played at Michigan State, although it was before Gwoz coached there. Then they coached against each other many times when Gwoz was at Miami [Ohio].

Ferris beat DU in the 2005-06 Denver Cup after DU was shocked by Princeton the night before. Those losses cost DU a spot in the NCAA Tournament the season after DU had gone back to back.

Mike B said...

Obviously, the FSU of the North will be a team to beat. I know that some of you are concerned that DU will be a bit tired and beat up, but hasnt Ferris taken a page out of DU's 2004 Natty but losing early in the CCHA tourney? They will be rested and ready to play physical just as NoDak did on Sat night.
On the other hand, DU had a completely opposite road to the finals in 2005. They won everything. They played in every game. They also won by the skin of their teeth in a few of those games.
Rest, no rest. Hurt, not hurt. This is not the time for excuses. Its time for wins. I can guarantee after the more recent NCAA appearances, Gwoz will have whoever is ready and willing, even if we have two healthy dmen playing on Friday afternoon in GB.
This is a young and scrappy team. They have a good formula even if their blue chips are banged up.