North Dakota 4 - DU 0 FINAL

(above) It was a long night in the Xcel Energy Center for the Pioneers
The WCHA Final 5 Championship Game was played at the Xcel Energey Center, but "energy" was something that the University of Denver had very little of. The Pioneers ran out of gas and North Dakota was ready and able to extinguish the Pioneers on Saturday night.  The final score was 4-0, but it wasn't that close.  DU looked like they were skating in quicksand.

DU will move on to the NCAA Tournament next week.  The ESPN Selection Show [ESPNU Sunday 10 AM MT] will announce the sites and seedings.  It is projected that DU will head to NCAA Regionals in either Bridgeport, CT or Green Bay, WI.

According to Mike Chambers' Twitter, Jason Zucker was injured in third period, and was en route to local hospital for tests after the game.

NCAA Field - Pairwise Rankings
1). BC
2). Michigan
3). Union
4). UND
5). Miami
6). Ferris State
7). UMD
8). Minnesota
9). BU
10). Maine
11). DU
12). UMAss-Lowel
13). Cornell
14). Western Michigan
15). Michigan State
16). Air Force


dggoddard said...

LetsGoDU Projected Brackets:

Worcester, MA
1). BC vs 16). Air Force
7). UMD vs 9 BU

ST Paul, MN
2). MI vs 13). Cornell
8). MN vs 10). Maine

Bridgeport, CT
3). Union vs 14). W. Michigan
6). Ferris State vs 11). DU

Green Bay, WI
4). UND vs. 15). Mich State
5). Miami vs 12). UM-Lowell

achsdu17 said...

Well unfortunately North Dakota won 4-0 and won the WCHA Championship. That said... oh well. They beat a DU team that was out of gas. Way I look at it, DU did what they needed to do, they got a NCAA Tournament spot and I mean were battle tested. They are ready for the Tournament. They proved that they can beat some of the best teams in college hockey and can make a run. I look forward to see where we are going. Till then GREAT Work boys, get some much needed rest and come back next week ready to play for the real prize!

Anonymous said...

How do you figure UND not getting WMU? And not being in St. Paul?

Boonetown said...

Out of gas and out of defensemen. Not a good time for additional injuries.

Gutsy effort. I'm proud of the guys.

old pio said...

Can this team recover and recuperate for the tournament? I think so. We definitely need to shorten that DL list. If the projected brackets are accurate, I like our draw.

This team has been a puzzle for much of the season. But I would prefer to think what we saw on Friday was the "real" Pioneers. And tonight's loss in no way diminishes their remarkable win against UMD.

MagnessMan said...

CHN's Projections still waiting on Moy. This one more likely than Bridgeport in my mind. That said, there are lots of travel, conference and attendance issues with this field. With the WM and BC win we're sure of not getting BC or the girls which is good. Either one of these projections looks better than last year.

Northeast Region, Worcester: 1. Boston College vs. 16. Air Force / 7. Minnesota-Duluth vs. 10. Maine
Midwest Region, Green Bay: 2. Michigan vs. 13. Cornell / 6. Ferris State vs. 11. Denver
East Region, Bridgeport: 3. Union vs. 15. Michigan State / 5. Miami vs. 12. Massachusetts-Lowell
West Region, St. Paul: 4. North Dakota vs. 14. Western Michigan / 8. Minnesota vs. 9. Boston University

Based on a field of:
1. Boston College
2. Michigan
3. Union
4. North Dakota
5. Miami
6. Ferris State
7. Minnesota-Duluth
8. Minnesota
9. Boston University
10. Maine
11. Denver
12. Massachusetts-Lowell
13. Cornell
14. Western Michigan
15. Michigan State
16. Air Force

dusince59 said...

This projection looks good for us. Hope Zucker is ok and we can get all hands on deck for a run at number 8. Good job in St Paul

Pioneers04 said...

I was following the game while waiting for the next Pioneers fan to join us...

MagnessMan said...

Mike Chambers ‏ @MChambersDP

DU's Jason Zucker injured in third period, en route to local hospital for tests. @CoachGwoz said he doesn't know how serious

dggoddard said...

Best wishes to jason.

Boonetown said...

Co14ers is a D I athlete, can he skate backwards? Maybe he can fill in for us on D?

Any eligibility left?

MagnessMan said...

Gwoz and Dusty interviews up on DU site

Anonymous said...

Nice effort by DU. Thats a tough spot to be in after 2ot games. Glad my sioux won but more important hockey to go. Hope Zucker is 100% for the tourney.

MagnessMan said...

Both CHN and USCHO predictions are identical. Have us in GB with Michigan, Cornell and FSU. Go Big Red! DG's Bridgeport option is also a decent chance. Both options would mean our first game would be Friday which is a disadvantage as banged up as we are but it is what it is. Glad we have a shot at it. Either way, I think we've got a good chance of being alive a week from now.

MagnessMan said...

One more..this one from CHW. Not a good option.

Northeast Regional: (34)
#1 Boston College
#7 Minnesota Duluth
#10 Maine
#16 Air Force

East Regional: (36)
#3 Union
#6 Ferris State
#12 Massachusetts Lowell
#15 Michigan State

Midwest Regional: (34)
#4 North Dakota
#5 Miami
#11 Denver
#14 Western Michigan

West Regional: (32)
#2 Michigan
#8 Minnesota
#9 Boston University
#13 Cornell

We ultimately decided to go with these brackets for our prediction based on the Pairwise. There is a strong case that the North Dakota/Western Michigan matchup gets swapped with the Michigan/Cornell matchup. However, with Minnesota in the regional already, attendance should be strong. North Dakota's vast fanbase will travel well to Green Bay, and should also get help from Western Michigan. Ultimately, we'll find out tomorrow what actually happens. Thank you to everyone who has followed our bracketology!

MagnessMan said...

Chamber's Story in the Post.

Anonymous said...

Get the "HEART" checked out too. Softest player I've seen who is suppose to be NHL ready. When the tough get going he leaves.

Anonymous said...

Shut your yap.

Zucker went to the hospital tonight. This damn unneeded tournament lost us three players to injury, all for the sake of making money for the league.

This season is too damn long, and we have too many guys hurt.

Bennett, Makowski, Brittian, Philips, Knowlton, Didier, Zucker. Enough already.

Twister said...

Tough way to end an otherwise terrific weekend for DU. No question the Sioux were the better team tonight--DU appeared to be running on fumes and couldn't get much going. Watching a 3rd straight postseason loss to UND just about made me sick to my stomach, but the Sioux have a good hockey team. DU just got beat tonight. No excuses.

The Pios now have bigger fish to fry, with the NCAAs looming.

Anonymous said...

"We're not going to blame it on being tired," DU co-captain Dustin Jackson said. "They played three games this weekend as well. They came out, were ready to play and beat us. Hats off to them."

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Anonymous said...

The power play 1st line was stellar again. It's a good thing we keep them out for the full 2 minutes so we can tire the penalty kill unit, their eyes must get really tired watching them pass the puck around on the perimeter. Coaching staff should inform the Power Play unit the whole idea is to score on the man advantage and you can't do that if you don't shoot the puck.

Anonymous said...

I've thought our PP has sucked all year. However, apparently they were #1 in the conference and one of the tops in the country.

It's not the most dominant PP, but it's effective. I think what they do is really suck for 3 PPs, and then score on the 4th. Gives the appearance that the PP sucks, but it's actually very good.

achsdu17 said...

To 12:38:00

You said this tournament was a damn unneeded tournament. Just remember this... without this tournament there was a possibility we could of missed the NCAA Tournament. We needed to beat Wisconsin, Tech for a chance and the win against Duluth clinched it.

This team plays for NCAA Titles... without the playoffs this season it could of been a failure.

Anonymous said...

Wow, the state of Michigan is well represented in the "sweet 16"