Photos: DU's 1989 Team

(above)  Dave Shields, Marc Rousseau, Daryn McBride, Eric Murano
Rod Summers, Dan Brooks, Don McLennan, Jim Hau
(above) Eric Murano, Scott Mathais
Dan Brooks, Ken MacArthur, Daryn McBride
Former DU Defenseman Dan Brooks posted these photos on Facebook of some of the guys from the 1989 Team.


vizoroo said...

Can't say those unis will make the top 10. :-}
But love the history.

dggoddard said...

The DU uni's in the mid to late Eighties were modeled after the NHL Calgary Flames from that era.

Anonymous said...

Rod rockin the porn stache!

Anonymous said...

Too bad they didn't play like the Flames of the late '80s.