AD Discusses DU's Present & Future Plans

From: DU Clarion
by Anna Gauldin

There's a very good and comprehensive interview in the DU Clarion with University of Denver Athletic Director Peg Bradley-Doppes. She has done a sensational job hiring and retaining some of the best coaches in their respective sports.  Multiple National Championship's litter the resumes of several of the coaches & coaching staffs.

The next challenge is getting butts in the seats and matching the attendance successes of lacrosse and hockey.  Men's basketball attendance has been in rapid accent in recent seasons, but still has a way to go.

The challenges that face the hockey program as it transitions to the NCHC will be a daunting task.  Check out the article, its very well written and informative.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting!

Anonymous said...

Anna is doing an amazing job as sports editor of the Clarion. She is a FRESHMAN, to boot. And two of her full articles have been picked up by the New York Times for its "on the Quad" blog.

Fine article, too.

dggoddard said...

One of the best articles I've read in the Clarion in a long time. She's got talent no doubt.

The Clarion is such an important component of the DU community. Great to see talented students achieving their potential and its a great way for alumni to get a quick snapshot of whats going on at DU.

Anonymous said...

Great article. One of the challenges for DU is developing a core group of supporters for each of its major sports, particularly for lacrosse, soccer and bball where both the men's and women's teams are competitive. For women's basketball, I strongly believe that the Notre Dame/Gonzaga model of focusing on retirees (and in particular female retirees) who would not even consider attending other varsity events is the way to go. Not quite as flashy as filling the arena with undergrads but a great foundation to build upon. ESPN had a great profile on the Notre Dame story this season